Doorbell event playback fails with "Error (code 07)"

Doorbell events are not playing back. Message is “Error (code 07)”. Live view works OK. Chime works OK. Blue light on the doorbell. No SD card installed. Wireless network OK. Restart device doesn’t help. All motion events fail with that message.

Doorbell cam on Cam Plus. Removed device, then went through setup OK. After reinstall, still cannot playback doorbell events - get the “Error (code 07)”. The other camera on Cam Plus plays back events OK (Wyze Cam V2). Cameras not on Cam Plus also playback OK. Just the Doorbell cam fails on event playback.

This has been an issue since I first installed.

Make sure you have the latest app version and doorbell firmware is the latest

Firmware on all cameras is current. Wyze app on Android phone current.

Playback of a Doorbell Cam event either Error Code 07 or just a continuous spinner that never finishes.

Camera has been reset, and deleted and reinstalled.

I’m having a similar problem. Do you get any answer/solution. Wyze doesn’t respond to my numerous requests for help.

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Same Here

Same issue here and no response from wyze. Also, for some reason the doorbell never senses me when I walk past it. I must be a ghost.

Still not working. Tried removing all events and putting them back. No joy.

A V2 camera pointing in the same area as the doorbell cam captures motion events. Doorbell events never play back, and I never get a push alert of a doorbell event - but I do get it with a V2 camera event.

Same here. Frustrating.

I’m having the exact same issue… works great for live view but I cant retrieve video. Nor am I unable to receive a notification if the doorbell button is pushed. The chime rings but nothing is pushed to my phone :frowning:

Same issue here - I get error code 06 and error code no fragment.

I installed my doorbell yesterday. I’m receiving all the notifications, but no play back, with error code 06 as well.

Same here. Restarted multiple times and still same issue.

Same issues here! Can’t believe I waited since September for this failure!

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Set the sensitivity settings for motion detection much higher. It seems like it comes default at 2 or 3 which picked up motion only when I was within 6" of the doorbell. I changed it 25-30 and it catch people when they walk into view on the porch.

The problem is not the detection - that works fine. The issue is the playback of the event. Has not worked since installation 30 Jan 2021. Firmware is current. Have deleted and reinstalled. Still no joy.

Waiting for tech support to respond. But that’s a long wait…


I could have sworn when I clicked reply it was to someone saying they couldn’t get it to detect anything. Sorry about that!

I have the same issue. Error code 07 in events. Talk to two different people at support with no conclusions. I do have a Samsung tablet that it works okay on but not on my Motorola Moto g6 phone. Very frustrating. Both are android with phone Android 9…

Anyone with the error code 6 issues, try logging out of the Wyze app, then logging back in. This may also solve error code 7 issues too.

No that does not work. I’ve logged out an back in. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Deleted the doorbell and set it up all over again. Still error code 06 when trying to replay video.

Unfortunately, this has been the first item from wyze that I have truly been disappointed with.