Error Code 09 Viewing Events

I view 12-sec Events in fullscreen landscape, swiping from one Event to the next in time sequence.

Expected behavior: Swipe from one event to the next, back and forth in time sequence, smoothly, without interruption.

Experienced behavior: Swipe from one event to the next, irregularly but quite often (50-75%) a popup Error message overlays the video content - which always continues to download and play.

If I do nothing, the Event plays to its completion with the error message overlaying it.

If I dismiss the error message, the Event continues playing to its completion. I can swipe to the next Event.

If I turn the tablet to portrait, the behavior described is identical.

If I select/tap any Event from the Event List it downloads and plays smoothly without error.

The last Android app version that DIDN’T throw an error in this process was 2.15.21.

Starting with 2.15.51, I experienced Error 07 - which changed to Error 09 in a subsequent version and continues in the latest version, 2.21.27