Error code 09 still a problem?

Has the error code 09 problem been solved yet?
I have 5 Wze cams, all have solid wifi connections and all can record video to the SD card and playback on demand. However although they will notify of events, when I tr to playback an event (any camera) all I get is error code 09. Occasionally it will work but 99/100 I get the error 09.
I have sent a log to Wyze, with no response. This is a long standing problem - has anyone had this problem and solved it? If so, how???

Hi @schuh8 I have not experienced this issue recently.

Keep in mind that submitting a log does not necessarily get you in contact with support. The log is used to assist the Wyze support agents (mostly the engineers) trace down problems you may be having that are deeper than the normal troubleshooting steps.

A couple of standard troubleshooting steps you may or may not have attempted

  1. Make sure your firmware and app are up to date
  2. If you have not done so in awhile reboot the cameras
  3. If you have not done so in awhile reboot your router or access point.

If the problem persists contact Wyze Support and provide your log file(s) that you have submitted.

R. Good thanks for the information, but all 3 boxes are checked. I will tr submitting a log to support. Cheers

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