Error code 09 network connection or reboot system

Okay so they issued firmware the other day for all the cameras. I was reluctant to upgrade because I have experienced in the last time there was an firmware update & it took both my cameras out, WYZE did replace them but now I’m going thru this all over Again. I rebooted all three cameras, I have two WYZE cams & one WYZE Pan cam & the two regular cameras rebooted with no problem, however no events are in the events log. The WYZE pan cam will not work at all. I’ve rebooted, reset unplugged, deleted the pan cam, I’ve done everything they advised me of the last time & still its not Working. Customer service is closed & I need my pan Cam to work especially at night. I don’t know what else to do. I’m extremely frustrated but I will be calling tomorrow morning 8a.m. PST & I live EST, I will be calling as soon as they open. I don’t know why this firmware does this.

make sure to check your settings after FW updates as sometimes the settings have been know to change. that may possible explain having no events recorded.