Cam Pan V1 Error Code 90

Just recently my Cam Pan stopped working.
I contacted WYZE customer support and after completing the many actions recommended I am still unable to get the camera working.
The issue is that the camera will not connect to the network at my house.
I have a WYZE Cam that was bought at the same time as the Cam Pan (2019) and it is working fine and connected to the same network that the Cam Pan was connected to in my home.
I have received a store credit of $10 from WYZE.
I don’t know whether this is a gesture of goodwill for my inconvenience or a form of compensation suggesting that the issue with my Cam Pan might be terminal !

I got the same story from customer service. Firmware update runs, camera bricked, here’s $10 free so you can buy another device. It’s happened to 2 cameras (V1 Pan, and V2). I’m afraid to install firmware on any other devices and really don’t think I’ll be investing money in a product that can be remotely destroyed forcing me to buy something new…

Similar problem here. I went through the initial installation of the Cam Pan without any difficulty; connected to wifi, camera working. Advised to upgrade firmware. This was unsuccessful. Camera not accessible. Tried power cycling. No difference. Deleted the camera from the app and tried to reinstall. Tried resetting to get into setup mode - light does not change from solid yellow to flashing yellow. Unable to continue. Camera is ‘bricked’! I have 4 Cam V3 cameras all working successfully on the same network. Ticket just submitted.