V3 Pro Event Error Code 09

Not being able to play events on my V3 Pro camera makes it pretty much useless.

I get an error code 09, as in the screenshot

It DOES work on Web View (wyze dot com/live)

I’ve been working on fixing this for days and I’m out of options, that I know of.

Firmware is:

I’ve sent in the log the other day and it’s number is: 984304

I called into the tech support but they could not help me. I was told Wyze would contact me but they haven’t as yet.

I have two V3 cams with no issues, it’s this new V3 Pro giving me headaches.

I am using a TCL A600DL phone with Android 11

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Did you try a factory reset of the camera?

Thank you for responding.

Yes. I’ve reset many times.

The camera works with our Samsung Note 9 and our Google Pixel XL, but not my TCL (Alcatel) A600DL with Android 11

So, it’s more about my phone compatibility than the camera, somehow