V3 Pro Doesn't Play Events

I get an error code 09, as in the screenshot below, and events won’t play.

It DOES work on Web View (wyze dot com/live), my other Android 11 phones and my two V3 cams have no major issues. It only does not play events on my phone

I am using a TCL A600DL phone with Android 11

I called in to tech support twice but they did not help me. Both times I was told Wyze would contact me via email but they haven’t as yet

Firmware is:

I’ve sent in the log twice and their numbers are: 984304 & 987174

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Absolute shot in the dark here based on another post I read from a while back…

Have you enabled the Hardware Decoder option in Account → App Settings?

Thank you for your reply.


I’ve disabled hardware acceleration

Enabling it is what may help.

I cant help but wanted to let you know I have the same problem. reported twice , no response. Oneplus nord 200n 5g phone. The only way I can view an event is from the sd card. Go to events, log the time of events to view as some may not be logged on the sd card info. Go to camera,then sd card, scroll to view event. Still hopefull someone finds a solution to make the camera work properly.