Annoyed that a home security product like this is so ridden with bugs

Interesting note about moving doorbell off Cam Plus and then back onto it. I have the free trial of cam plus and am unable to remove it from the cam :sweat_smile:

As an aside, since it appears no one at Wyze actually looks at these threads, I’ve taken it upon myself to track down and reach out to the founders and core team of Wyze. Obviously their support is useless, so I searched Wyze on LinkedIn and found the following people:

Here are some core people, you will need to remove the space from the link since i’m a new forum member and can only put 2 links.

Dongsheng Song, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer
htt ps://

Dave Crosby, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
htt ps://

Steve McIrvin, VP Product
htt ps://

I don’t have LinkedIn Pro or whatever, so I could only contact Dave Crosby, but if you have pro I’d suggest trying to message Steve and Dongsheng since they both are product related.

I also found their office on Google Maps and will be trying to call them later on to actually speak to a real person. We’ll see how that goes :woman_shrugging:

Overall, i’m pretty annoyed that a home security product like this is so ridden with bugs and so many people are having a poor experience. Starting to really doubt my decision to use them as my home security provider.

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