CNET no longer recommends Wyze products 🤣

Wyze Security Issues are being noticed…


So much for them knowing anything about Wyze:

Wyze Forum representative WyzeDave

Uh… That’s cofounder, co-owner famous person Dave Crosby… But sure, forum representative I guess. They said they sought a comment and said they couldn’t get one then they actually wrote comments about it from Wyze. :thinking:

Edit: Note that the VERY FIRST THING Dave said was to identify himself as “Cofounder of Wyze here” and even though they obviously read that to quote from him, they STILL called him just a “forum representative” :rofl:

Interestingly, I saw a ton of people on LinkedIn actually praising Wyze for how they handled this crisis. Some with PhDs, and business consultants using Wyze as an example of how businesses should handle a big crisis when they come up (not if). Also been seeing a bunch of comments on Reddit defending Wyze against all the negativity. I’m actually surprised it’s been as positive as it has been. I expected it to be worse than it has been.

I think for a private company they handled it better than most do public companies do similar disclosures only because they’re forced to, but for a private company you’ll rarely see others do this much.


Fan Boi to the rescue :joy:

I never have had issues like Wyze has had almost monthly of outages and security issues on any of my Reolink cams.

When a Wyze cam dies on my system the replacement is Reolink :grin:


Yeah, that undercuts the credibility a bit, no? First word of the original post of the Topic to which he linked further in:

You’d almost have to try to get it that wrong.

Wyze is sloppy, he said sloppily. :man_shrugging:

Wouldn’t you agree @bryonhu ?


Wow. CNET is still around?

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Cnet AI is still around. You don’t really believe that people are tapping out their articles do you?


On the Google News feeds Wyze Security has been a hot topic since their last blunder, multiple news agencies besides CNET


Someone pointed out in another thread that CNET has been criticized for having lots of errors in their reporting due to having AI write up their articles. That makes a lot of sense. My reply:


It’s a ‘shell brand’ (among many) owned by a marketing company parent, Red Ventures.

A shell they’re filling up with AI.

About as soulless as you can get.

Aside from the Wyze issue, what this portends is troubling. Blecch.


CNET needs clicks. Current owner is shopping them around. I give them 3 - 4 months. So, moving on, Let’s concentrate on getting better🥴

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Wow, that’s interesting.

I think AI is a powerful tool and is very useful in this industry, but someone still needs to provide the correct facts to it and review/make corrections.

Looks like this entire article might have been completely automated with little to no human review…

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Don’t expect too much from AI (especially journalism). Heck, in San Francisco AI self driving cars can’t even tell there is an orange traffic cone on its hood.



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In general, in all of life, it is best to own up to mistakes when mistakes are made.

For some reason our society now seems to think that admitting fault is only ever a negative thing… but my goodness, I respect the hell out of any individual that says something as simple as “I’m sorry, I’m going to do better.”

PS: also good marriage/dating advice :slight_smile:


Yep…after the last issue I too am done.
I will be selling all my Wyze stuff here and switching over to Aosu.
Love their products and everything is kept local.

It amazes me just how many brand loyal people there are here.
It’s almost as though admitting that Wyze may no longer be trustworthy or reliable with our security is somehow an admission with their own personal issues.
Who knows but either way, brand loyalty is the silliest thing going.


This is not accurate at all. Anything Aosu offers, you can do with Wyze too (including local storage and no events going through the cloud). It’s just that most Wyze users LIKE the cloud benefits. While Aosu DOES offer the ability to store recordings locally on an SD card (just like Wyze), they also connect to the internet through Aosu’s servers for authentication and more. Notifications go through their servers too. Yes, even thumbnails (for those who get them) go through their cloud servers. But the bigger problem is that Aosu is a 100% Chinese owned company that is 100% legally required by Chinese law to give full access to all their data and all their users’ data or accounts to the Chinese government upon request at any time and without having to inform you. You won’t ever know when other people are viewing your account or if there was a security issue. And it won’t be someone who doesn’t know who you are and never connect it with you, it will be people who know exactly who you are, everything about you (they buy ALL DATA from the data brokers for pennies on the dollar and can easily know everything about anything) and be able to connect it to you and use it against you in some way or sell it to someone else who could use it against you in various ways if it could possibly benefit them in some way. Not only are they not required to tell you when such things happen, but in some cases they are required to NOT TELL YOU. If your main concern is about unauthorized people seeing your video or account information, then switching to a company that is 100% Chinese-owned is the exact opposite of what you should do. Aosu is not all kept local. It does call home to their servers.

Now, I’m not going to tell anyone not to use a Chinese company if that’s what they want to do, I use some Chinese companies for various things, fully informed on the various risks involved for the various services. I am just saying, if your privacy is the key factor here, if privacy is the most important thing, if security is CRITICAL and trust of no backdoors, etc…going with a 100% Chinese company is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what such a person should want to do here. There are plenty of other reasons they may be worth it, but don’t do it in the name of privacy and security, because if that is the goal, this is not the alternative such a person should be looking for.

It looks like similar to Wyze, some Aosu cameras have local AI detections and some require the cloud AI detections (apparently it depends on the model), but all of them use cloud for authentication and notifications, and more.

For anyone who doesn’t want their Wyze devices to store events on the cloud, you can turn that off. If you don’t want thumbnails and notifications going through the cloud, you can turn those off too. You can set up your Wyze cameras so that your recordings are all local on the SD card or through an RTSP stream to a harddrive (RTSP requires a 3rd party program though), and the liveview also always stays on your local network. The only thing internet would ever be used for is a split second authentication or ping. That’s always been possible with Wyze and can be done right now for anyone interested. Those minimums are also required by Aosu and many others.

One benefit with Wyze is that they are 100% American-owned, and one of the most affordable 100% American-owned camera/smart home companies. A lot of competitors in the price range have compromises in other areas that are arguably worse depending on what’s important to you.

Again, don’t think I am saying nobody should have any Chinese devices. of my 40+ cameras, 5 of my cameras are through 2 different Chinese companies. So I’m not hating on them at all. BUT I certainly don’t put them in any privacy-critical areas either and I keep them in device isolation because I know full well they are automatically security compromised and no guarantee of privacy EVER. It’s the nature of agreeing to have a Chinese IoT device that has any internet access in any way. Just know what you’re getting into if you go with such alternatives. Assume your security is automatically constantly compromised because they are legally required to be.


Ahh, you’re lowering his commission.


I have 9 Wyze & 3 Aosu,
Because I gave my opinion I am on commission?
Jesus you brand loyal guys are hilarious.

The Wyze cam is Chinese, it was originally made by Xiaomi, the owner of Wyze is Chinese.
Your claiming Aosu is worse when they haven’t had any outages or security issues since I have used them however Wyze has.
Cloud service on Aosu is 100% paid, nothing free so local recording only.

You accuse others of being big bad Chinese data dealers but you must have forgot about this little ditty:


When? Offer any warranty?