Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

Below is a copy of the last wyze communication recd :
Tanvi (Wyze)

Apr 12, 2021, 10:22 AM PDT

Hi Linda,

Thank you for submitting a log! Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. They’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved in a future update.

My team here in support does not review your log or follow its progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log subsubmissions.

*****So, they have no way to actually TRACK TICKET Nos.

‘Very much in progress’ - for the last 3 months & beyond. At 1 point, I was told they HOPED the error messages would be fixed & they were going to close my ticket.

I refused to have the constant error/ tickets 'erased. But since then, this team, customer support “doesn’t review your log or follow progress”

Then WHO does ?

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Jennifer that’s awesome they found a solution for you. So were you getting the error codes on CamPlus events and how did you resolve it?

Agree the cameras are awesome. The issue for people on this thread are the errors that prevent viewing events critical to the purpose of the cameras.

Exactly, and those issues which prevent viewing of critical events continue for those who continue to write on this forum.

Errors are software issues that only wyze engineers can resolve - none which the last 2 app updates even touched upon.

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Wyze list of resolved issues (9th item in list below) includes “Reduced chance of experiencing a code 06 error”. How about fixing it so it doesnt happen at all?
Found it here:


Error code 06 for at least past few days with doorbell. Cam plus for all cameras.
Everything was perfect until I added new trial cam plus. New v3 activated with trial. I’m super pissed. 06 gives me zero stored video on a device with no storage. Firmware up to date, 3 bars of signal, can watch live feed flawlessly.

I had this issue on one of my cameras for a couple of weeks after installing. I ended up removing the license from all four cameras, removed them from the app, powered them down. Then I powered them up and added them back to the app one at a time with the license for each. Error code 06 hasn’t been back since (about a month). I still have issues with Events just suddenly not recording however. Experiencing that for the second time in a month. Notice that at some time in the evening, events just stop happening on all cameras. Really tired of being a beta tester for a paid product.

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Is anyone else seeing this error with increasing frequency the last few days. Prior to Friday my cameras have been pretty reliable, now it’s mostly Error 06 errors. Seems to be only affecting CAM plus cameras too.

Tried the restart, power cycle. Network hasn’t changed and I can live view them no problem. Also, getting person alerts so I know the video is getting to the cloud… Wyze? What’s going on?

Constant, non stop. Incessant 06, and 09 failure /error messages.
I have 2 v3 cams, 1 is camplus$.

DO a search here for 06 and 09 error messages. I’ve have this issue for MONTHS.

‘Support’ is aware, I’ve sent them logs, done all the trouble shooting, to no avail. Support has sent a few responses in the 'hopes" this issue is resolved. In the HOPE of.

They’ve closed tickets, bc according to them, issue has been 'resolved, they will ask u open other tickets.

None of their firmware updates have addressed this glitch. Do a search here for continuous problems w/ 06 & 09 & see what others day. Good luck, my friend, as I’ve had this glitch w/ both 06 & 09 issues on both v3 cams since aprox March & to date, still continues.


Agreed on all counts of the Error 06. Same on all of my cameras. And to be honest I hope they fix it soon, because for the past two years I’ve been a huge Wyze supporter and talked their products up to anyone. Now I pay money every month and my cameras are useless. I can’t even watch the livestream on any of them. I try to “authenticate “ and it shows me a 1 second update of the camera view, but then immediately stops streaming footage. I have CamPlus and 32g of memory chips in each camera.

Oh and I came downstairs to disable the alarm just to find it had disabled itself 2 seconds after I enabled the “home” feature.

Just a heads up WYZE, You’ve got a huge and loyal community here… but you’re gonna lose all of us very quickly without a huge overhaul. Get our cameras working. Put the new products on hold and get the ones you have working properly.


Lots of Error 06 on different cameras. It happens on V2 cameras both with a SD card and without a SD card. Using firmware


Mine tablet just crash if i try to play (a) Event with any apps.

I have to stay in 9.10 app to get events.

My first and last WYZE product. I have a v3.
I bought an “reolink lumus” cam and much happier. Price is comparable.
The reolink cam also allows viewing on a PC and has much better performing “detection settings”.
The v3 settings are inaccurate. I can’t make it ignore a shrub in the cam’s view no matter what I do.
Then we have the “error code 06” and WYZE blaming my network. Effen clowns.


I’m currently seeing a price of $40.99 after a $9 coupon, so as long as that coupon is available, “comparable” might be the right term vs. the v3 ($32.98 on Amazon).

On the plus side, it includes an LED spotlight that is an optional accessory for the v3, and it has color night vision like the v3.

Personally, Reolink was something I had been keeping an eye on as an eventual replacement for my Zmodo NVR system (since they no longer seem interesting in selling new NVR-based systems or Ethernet-connected cameras).

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Reolink. Something I will consider.

I’m having this issue any new updates to fixing this??

On my iphone turned off icloud backup.
It did the trick for me.
Everthiing is working fine with the cameras now.

I recently received an email informing me that older versions of the Android OS will no longer be supported by the newest version of the Wyze app. Part of this must be in response to the constant flow of Error 06 and 09 problems. So instead of addressing the real problems, they’re brushing aside all the users who bought their products believing their stated claim that their operating systems met the minimum requirements. I guess I’ll just have to throw away and replace hundreds of dollars worth of electronic devices so that I can get my $40 doorbell to work correctly (sarcasm).

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Is there any update on this error? I’ve called in and opened a few tickets regarding the Error code 06 issue but I’ve not seen anything from the support team to show that it’s actively being addressed. Do we have a fix for this issue yet?

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Good question. I’ve been having the same issue ( along w/ many others) for several months - and I have been constant w/ Firmware updates. Wyze is aware of this issue & will ask you to keep opening tickets & then close them advising you problem has been resolved. Deplorable.

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I just backup a step and then reopen the event or CAM.