Error (code 06)

Good day
Anyone else experiencing Error (code 06): Failure to fetch the video from cloud?

I’ve been experiencing this issue since Oct 2020 subsequent to setting up my cameras. I’ve contacted support, filed several logs but NOTHING. I just keep getting empty, useless replies from support. I’m about to rip every wyze product out of my house and throw them in the trash can.

Please advise, thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the WYZE forums.

I have had this occur with approximately a half dozen videos over the course of the last month. It has been from a mix of my various cams, which include outdoor, v2 and v3. I’m not sure what is causing it, but it isn’t often so I haven’t looked into it or informed WYZE. Also, I’m an Android user.

Same problem today. Has anything been posted that helps with this?

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I have numerous cameras, but this error code seems to come quite often on one camera.

Error code 06 and error code 07 have become consistently more persistent to the point now where it happens on most video clips. Extrememly frustrating.
Also wish we could access the feed from our desktops as well as the app.


Yep I’ve seeing this error quite a lot recently

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Wyze trashes older Ipads. DO NOT UNINSTALL YOUR APP! you can’t reinstall the app on anything running less than ios 14