Cloud Error Codes

Wyze, What is your prediction on this fix? I need these cameras for security while I am away. I cannot have the police remove my SD cards if I don’t notice an event recorded while I am sleeping because of this cloud error. I am 4 weeks away from my vacation and neither me nor my spouse can view these events. All 3 of our V3 cameras aren’t able to receive video from the cloud. Time is of the essence!

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Did you get the 06 error code? I know there was a system issue last evening/night and I got the 06 error on my V3. It was up and working this morning. Did you try to turn the power off then on for the cams? I also logged out and force closed my iOS app and started again. I am using iPhone/iPad.

I’ve forced the App closed multiple times. I will try the cams. If it works I will reply, if not it will be the same.