Echo show image orientation for doorbell

All my cameras show perfectly on my Echo Show EXCEPT my new doorbell image. It only looks good if I set my echo show on end? I am hoping for a fix but have had no response from the Wyze Geeks as yet. Any ideas?

They say they cannot change it. Instead they have promised to remove the doorbell Alexa viewing capability entirely.

I’m serious.

Now I have to say that sounds like a brilliant solution. NOT! Surly they can do something better than give up!

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You have got to be kidding. That should be an easy fix. Rotate the video in the software for export to cloud or other devices.

“Not a lot of power in the doorbell.”

If I happen to want to view the doorbell cam on my Echo 5 I just flip it on end. It is not very often that I am sitting at my desk when the doorbell rings and I really need to bother. But it is a “solution”.

My neck is faster. :slight_smile:

No problem…I will rotate my 55 inch TV to compensate. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

I’m looking for a solution to display any of my many V3 Cams and WOCs, and ALSO my Wyze Video Doorbell…

I read in another forum post or it might of been on reddit, that the Echo was able to do such a thing, I came back to the Wyze Forums, I searched, and the first post I read tells me… that Wyze is not able to display the video output properly on an Echo display, and the solution Wyze has is to simply remove it from displaying at all on the Echo?..


Are these the same programmers working on the Landscape issue on the iPad Wyze App?

I’m really trying not to be a downer here… and I want to be a Wyze ‘fan boy’… but dealing with the Epic fail of the Wyze app on an iPad in Landscape Mode, and now in my quest to find something, perhaps an Echo display, to display who’s at my door, or to display one of my many V3s or WOCs… I’m once again coming away disappointed at finding a solution…

Does anyone have a solution where when an event occurs on any of my Wyze Cams, that my disabled wife can quickly look at the Echo, or other similar device and see what motion triggered an event on one of the Wyze Cams… and display it properly without either turning the Echo on it’s side, or the iPad on it’s side to get them all to display properly?

Am I asking to much?


You could use a Fire Tablet with the “show mode” docking attachment.

Where the doorbell is oriented improperly you can rotate the tablet.

Show Mode Charging Dock for Fire HD 8 (Not compatible with 2020 10th generation Tablet, only compatible with 7th and 8th Generation Tablets – 2017 and 2018 Releases)

I have one but have not really used it, I will test some of its capabilities with the doorbell yet, but in theory this should work for you. I will test somethings and let you know some outcomes.

Disabling the video from the doorbell to Echo device renders the doorbell to JUNK status

Well I was wrong…

No matter the orientation of the fire tablet with the show mode dock the doorbell view was still rotated.

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Aside from the doorbell being rotated, I have 2 routines in Wyze, which does nothing more than the following:

  1. If motion is detected on CameraX, the run a custom command that says “Show me CameraX”. This will automatically show you the camera where motion was detected. Of course, I have it announce all over as well via a different routine.


  1. When motion stops for 50 seconds (I believe this is what I set), Run a custom command that says “Go Home”. This will return to the home screen.

By doing this, you will still be able to view your Doorbell via Wyze and receive your Alerts and also automatically have Alexa show you the camera where motion was detected.

These are what my routines look like.

Shows my V3 Driveway Cam

Returns my echo Show to the Home Screen


I take it that this only works with version 3 cams?

You can set these routines up with any CAM, the “trigger” is the defining attribute.

I tested setting up Alexa routines on all my Cams (and I have every model except the V1) and only person is a selectable attribute… for now? Maybe at some point Amazon will add Vehicle, Package and Pet aligned with WYZE AI? But you never know till you see it.

The Doorbell has “at Doorbell push” as shown in the earlier screenshots


Turn off auto rotate while it’s horizontal. That’ll lock the orientation to horizontal. Then rotate the fire tablet physically.


you!!! :+1: :rofl:

@towelkingdom h4x0r l33t



I realized I swapped horizontal and vertical after I posted that, but seems like you figured out what I meant! It looks a little wonky but at least it’s not sideways! :joy:


I am thrilled that I took spamoni4 routine and created an alexa/echo routine that works perfectly. I have both the doorbell cam and a V2 on my entrance way. If either triggers it almost instantly shows up on my echo 5 on my desk. You do of course need an Alexa show but well worth it. They are on special right now for 69 bucks in Canada and I suspect less in the US


It works on some fire tv models as well, and it works on my fire 10 tablet whether in show mode or not.