Wyze Doorbell display on Amazon Echo Show

Does anyone have a fix for the 90 degree rotation of the Wyze Doorbell display when connected to the Amazon Echo Show 8. Is it a Wyze issue or an Amazon issue. Is the problem being addressed?

Wyze is sending it landscape mode because Amazon doesn’t support portrait mode. So it’s kind of both.

But too many people complained (to both Wyze & Amazon) about it being sideways so Wyze said they’re just going to remove support and take it off from streaming anywhere but the app, at least for now. Sucks. I’d rather have sideways video than none. Wish they could just overlay a disclaimer that it has to be sideways or something. You’d think they’d still get tons of tickets that it’s not working as soon as they remove it. Hopefully removing the video doesn’t also remove trigger support for doorbell sounds too.

This really sucks, I replaced Ring 2, but it looks like I’ll now give the Wired Ring a try. Alexa integration is a must have for me. It is not just the orientation, I need it to show up when someone gets to the door (you can do that with Cam but not with the doorbell), and I need it to show within 2-3 seconds, not 10-15 like it does today.

Does anyone know if Wyze has worked it out so that the video doorbell can call an Alexa Echo Show?

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The only solution I found was to install Ring Wired instead. As much as I love Wyze the video orientation and the time it took to show the video made it unusable for me.
I had Ring 2 before and I was hoping to get off their platform and consolidate to Wyze given that I also use the cameras and lock, but Without proper integration it is not an option. Had to get Ring Wired and renew the $30 plan, I don’t need the chime since Alexa announce it anyhow. Video orientation and quality are both good and the image shows up in 2 seconds on the echo show (compared to >10 with Wyze).

I wonder if the Blink doorcambell would work as the Ring does. It looks very similar to Wyze Pro dcb… as much as I am trying to reduce the number of apps and hubs, I may have to make that allowance… I would really prefer the Wyze dcb would show up as answerable on the 3 Echo Shows. Have theArlo now so not making a change until early 2022, maybe Wyze can fix their issues and video call the Shows. :crossed_fingers:

The magicians at Wyze should be able to figure this orientation out…I just installed one of these wired doorbells for my dad, who NEEDS Alexa Show integration and I also have 3 of them I’m installing my my primary residence and 2 of the wireless ones in my Florida home.

I hope the wireless bells don’t have the same issue…

Wyze, PLEASE consider fixing this or at least allowing the video to be passed through…fixing would be MUCH better, of course.

I have nearly 30 of your devices and this is the FIRST I’m disapointed with.

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I have the same problem. We have about a dozen Wyze products. The 2 doorbells we have won’t display on any of our echo show devices. It used to work but not anymore. Please fix the ASAP. This is a very important feature. This is a minor reason for us going with Wyze products.


i purchased both on amazon, echo show 8 and wyze door bell, its sold as a package, yet its NOT compatible with alexa. i spent hours troubleshooting, and silly me i should have gone straight to a forum, as it looks like the consumers know more than support from both amazon.com amazon.ca and wyze. i hope they make it compatible soon.