New doorbell camera and Alexa

Just installed doorbell camera. Easy installation and camera works well.
Having problems with Alexa.
When I say show camera the Echo screen shows the camera, but the picture is horizontal not portrait. In otherwords sideways.
How can I correct this.

Apparently a common issue. I think they’re working on it?

Funny you should post about this, I am having this same problem in my Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

They are.

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I just installed the doorbell as well. My Firestick shows the video sideways as well. Also, the voice output on the doorbell sounds a little staticky.

It’s been about 2 months and they have not corrected it yet.

The latest I read here is that they are NOT working to fix the orientation. Instead they intend to remove the Alexa doorbell viewing ability entirely.

Makes no sense. Its a great option for a “Smart” Device!! They should keep it, its probably 1 line of code!!

If they remore the wyze doorbell from Alexa then I’m gonna toss my Wyze doorbell. I have too many devices connected to Alexa. I’m getting sick of this crap! They need to FIX THIS! Damn it!

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What a ridiculous situation ! Can’t even figure out how to turn a video on Alexa. My next move if it’s not fixed is to buy a Ring Doorbell and ask for my money back.
You need to find a solution Wyze. You said it would work…

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I totally agree with all of you they are competing with some of the best in the world and they’re doing a great job doing it so with a small problem like the doorbell orientation in Alexa I’m sure with the brains they have in the organization it can be fixed rather than scrapped