Amazon alexa show 5

When viewing the wyze doorbell on the Amazon Alexa show 5 the picture is rotated.

They know about this. Originally, at launch, Wyze said they could never stream the doorbell on anything because of the aspect ratio not being supported. Then we were all pleasantly excited when they rotated the video to be able to stream it after all. Unfortunately, too many people complained about it being rotated, so now Wyze said they’re probably going to have to stop allowing it to stream at all anymore as they originally said:

Our options are letting it be rotated and be able to stream it, or take it away 100% because too many people file tickets with Alexa and annoy their support about it too much, so Alexa will demand Wyze remove it because they don’t support it in portrait view.

Personally, I am happy having it rotated if it means I can use it in some way at all.

Keep in mind the alternate choice would be a small image with huge black bars on either side.

That’s the thing, people would complain about that too, and so what? It’s insane to remove the rotated view entirely. They should do nothing and simply have a stock answer to complaints.

Why can’t Wyze show a center zoomed/cropped image that fills the screen in the correct orientation? Maybe a toggle option for those with this issue. I don’t NEED ceiling to floor view if it prevents me from viewing correctly oriented video on my TVs and Echoshows. The full view is a nice feature, but I will have to return the Wyze Doorbell if this is not going to be fixed ASAP.

Even if they do eventually fix it, it will almost certainly take several months if not more than a year. If you meant what you said, I would try to return it ASAP if you’re still within your 30 day return window. Never expect from Wyze that any major changes like this will happen in a couple of months, it’s basically always at least several months if not years. You can always buy one again once a fix is in place, but it’s best to never buy a Wyze product with a promise that some feature you need will eventually be done, because those things take forever, only ever buy them if they currently have what you need. I’d call support today, because the last update we had from a Wyze employee is that the Alexa capability is probably just being removed…and at launch they previously said they had no intention of ever supporting it.

Still, I hope you’re right. A Toggle sounds like a good solution. I expect it’s harder than it sounds. I’m not sure the VDB has the processor or memory power to do the conversion itself, and Wyze can’t afford to send all the video streaming through their server to do the conversion for every device without huge losses. Best option for them would be to make a second VDB with all those options and people who need them can buy the other version. That’s what I expect to see happen, like maybe next year in 2022.

Or a hack :grinning:


LOL Thanks for that, I totally missed seeing that thread, that is awesome!

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