Wyze Doorbell notification images

Horizontal image from Doorbell on iOS?
Howdy all…I got my doorbell few days ago and installed. I noticed the photo for notification on iOS alerts is rotated 90 degrees horizontally. When I open the app, everything is fine…its just the snapshot on the iOS alert. also when I asked for show me the Wyze doorbell video on echo show and fire tv. Anyone else experiencing the same?


yes, they are aware, hopefully a fix is coming soon

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different issue…this issue is the thumbnail in the notification is sideways



Total miss. Let’s go Wyze! Knock out the firmware or app update to fix this!

I am having the same problem on my Apple Watch 6 (watchOS 7.3) and iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.4).

PS: It does provide a great picture on my watch.

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I’m having the same issue. Can’t figure out a fix. Hopefully Wyze updates.

Same for me on Android. The image for the notification is rotated 90 degrees.

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Has anyone experienced this? I can’t use the dame doorbell if I can’t pull videos

Nope. But others are. Have you signed out of app and back in?

Just did that and deleted the app lets hope that work.

Same issue. iPhone and Apple Watch (notifications) and Echo Show (live view) are flipped 90 degrees.

Yup. Known issue. Hopefully will fix soon.

March 01, 2022 and this is happening to me as well. On Apple Watch Series 3 running WatchOS 8.4.2 and on my iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 15.3.1