Wyze doorbell image flipped 90 degrees

When I view my Wyze Doorbell via the Alexa skill it displays on my TV (fire stick) flipped 90 degrees. Any ideas?


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Wyze is apparently aware of this issue and hopefully will get it fixed soon.

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Ok. Thx for the response!

Yea. Having the same issue. On my Apple Watch (alerts) and on my Amazon Echo Show (live video), the view is rotated 90 degrees.

Yep, this is an issue for me as well, been a couple months…

Me as well

Displaying my Wyze Doorbell on my amazon echo show 10 gen 3, in Landscape mode is, IMO, is very shortsighted of Wyze to release a doorbell that doesn’t display properly like this. Granted, it was probably Never meant to live outside of being viewed from an iPHone or Android phone.

I guess it was never meant to be displayed on an iPad in Landscape Mode… or on an iPhone… or an Android phone in Landscape mode…

hmmm… who’d of thought that Landscape might be a thing….

I hope it’s not just “apparently” they are aware of this issue….

Do we need to submit a ticket for this issue, where Landscape mode for a Wyze Doorbell is a foreign concept to the app?, and a foreign concept on an Amazon Echo or FireTv?


March 01, 2022 and this is happening to me as well. On Apple Watch Series 3 running WatchOS 8.4.2 and on my iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 15.3.1

Being able to switch the Wyze doorbell from landscape to portrait viewing would help since I cannot mount the doorbell over where the old doorbell used to be in portrait mode. The option to be perpendicular versus parallel in the setup makes no difference. Now when I view the video it’s always in landscape viewing. Please add the option in the advanced settings for the Wyze doorbell in the next firmware update just as is available with the Wyze doorbell pro device.

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