Doorbell Video is sideways in on Beta Page

When I view my doorbell video it is sideways on the Beta web view page. Is it just me and a wrong setting?


Welcome to the community @brittain.wayne

That is they way it will show for now. This has also been the view for the Alexa Devices as well. Wyze is aware of this, but because of the aspect Ratio, it is a little difficult to simply turn it. Wyze’s comments.

Hello Wayne,
Are you using the Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime or the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro ?

I have the Wyze Video Doorbell + Chime and I can’t get any video output in Wyze Webview for it.

I was actually reluctantly considering the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro if it displayed in a correct orientation on the Webview and on my Echo Show (3rd Gen).

It’s too bad the doorbell camera implementation is like a red headed step child to the rest of the Wyze Cameras when it comes to how they are handled by the Wyze App and other 3rd party apps (Amazon Echo for example)


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