Webview and doorbell presentation

I can access my door bell cam through Webview (I have a subscription), but the presentation is in landscape mode. Any way to change the view to portrait?

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I’m going to guess the answer will be no,

Wyze can’t/won’t do anything to resolve this issue

(they haven’t resolved the issue for the same shortcoming when displaying the doorbell on my Amazon Echo Show. )

So, in honor of allowing this defect to remain in place, we should all post our video doorbell displays for all to enjoy, this from my events tab in my browser (I couldn’t get a live feed to come up)



Wyze hasn’t been able to figure out the difference between landscape and portrait mode for years. They said years ago they were working on landscape mode for the app. They need to hire some programmers. Millions of 99 cent apps are available that run in both landscape and portrait mode, but Wyze can’t figure it out.

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