Video Doorbell Image Notification is Sidewsys

Firmware Version:
Plugin Version:

Android App : 2.50.0 (437)

Phone: Moto g 5g 2023
Android 14

For about two weeks now the notifications from my video doorbell are displaying sideways on my phone. No clue why they are doing this they were always displayed correcting the past and the Wyze app itself displays them correctly.

Scott Leighton

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Same problem here!

After the issues from a few weeks ago, now this. I am done with Wyze!
Thankfully all these issues occurred now, as I was planning to buy and subscribe to their security system this summer.

Same issue here - Android 14, Pixel 6a

Y’all might want to go upvote (:heart:) this issue in the current fix-it-friday topic:

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Happening on a Pixel 8 Pro running Android 14 too.

Interesting. I just noticed that the notifications that go to my ipad for the doorbell are fine, they display in the correct orientation (though they are tiny, I can see they are oriented right).

This may be an android client issue depending on where in the process the image gets flipped.