Easily remote control and view your garage with Wyze Cam v3 Garage Door Controller! 4/26/22

You should take as straight a picture of the QR code as you can before you attempt moving it. You may need to reprint it if it gets damaged.

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I assume you can open / close the garage door from the Wyze App on an iPhone (and Android Phone), can you open / close the garage door from an Apple Watch (or Samsung Galaxy Watch) ?

Can I open my garage door using rules by proximity / time of day?


There is no ‘open’ rule for security purposes, but you can ‘close’ the door by proximity / time of day and from Shortcut, if you can display a Shortcut on your Apple watch. You can on the Wyze watches & Band,

Ok. I tried it. I installed it. And I must say, 180 on my opinion. My mom definitely couldn’t install it, but it is pretty slick. Consider me a fan!

How do I set alerts to tell me the door was left open? From what I can tell it is just a camera and doesn’t have those options, only the controller button.

They are in the settings of the GDC:

GDC V3 camera settings > Accessories > Garage Door Controller > Garage Door Notifications > Notify when door left open and Remains open for…

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Following up to my previous post, my workaround is operating just fine. I have it set up temporarily (as seen in photo below) to test and it has been reliable.

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Seems like there are a few of us tinkerers out there. I did the same thing but ended up getting an extra wall control to eliminate the battery. Couple others took the same strategy with the remote too. Everyone else seems to have done a cleaner job than me, but it was my first experience with the soldering iron.

Could the QR code possibly be stenciled on the door? Or would that be an issue if you have to recalibrate the camera?

After struggling to get my Garage Door Controller setup, I noticed that the Micro-USB connector labelled “Connect to Controller” that I was… connecting to the Controller… was not feeling like it was making/maintaining a connection (the light would turn on, and go off as I believe it is supposed to), but when I went to the step to add the controller, it said it couldn’t find it.

So… I went out on a limb here… and swapped the two Micro-USB connectors… the “Connect to Camera” was moved to the controller (and I could feel it connected much better than the one that was Labeled “Connect to Controller”), and the one labelled “Connect to Controller” was moved to the pigtail connection for the included V3 camera.

BAM… it worked this time.

I initially wanted to pull the two plugs and take pictures to compare the two plugs, but I feared messing with it now that I had it working.

So, if you can’t get your system to setup, and after inserting the Micro-USB into the controller, if feels like a sloppy/lose connection, try swapping the two connectors to see if you get a tighter connection.

That said… WHY are is Wyze still using Micro-USB on anything? My nine Wyze Night Lights have USB-C, and my camera’s are still all using Micro-USB? Hopefully Wyze will ditch Micro-USB completely, and go with USB-C on all new products?

One question I have, (swore I saw this discussed, but my forum search skills must be challenged on this one…) Can I setup a rule to Auto Close my garage door after I drive my car out of the garage?

Bonus question… will I ever be able to have the garage door auto open as I arrive? (my Wyze Lock Auto Opens when I arrive home (great feature)… (The Wyze Lock is on the door between my garage and house)

I’ve read that for security purposes that Wyze opted not to have the Garage Door Controller auto open the garage door… Well… if I had the Wyze Lock on my front door… and it auto opens… where’s the concern for Security there? (I’d rather someone have access to my garage than my house, if security is the issue at hand here)

I see the Wyze Lock has Alarm settings for “Door Jam Alarm” and “Left Open Alarm” Can Wyze implement something like this for the Garage Door to alert that the door is open and/or closed and/or in a position other than open/closed? Perhaps have selected V3 Cams and/or Wyze Sense Hubs and/or the Doorbell speaker be used to audibly alert that the garage door is open when it should not be open? FLASHING Wyze Bulbs and/or Wyze Strip Lights would be a great feature here as well.

Currently, I have a entry sensor on my garage door to trigger my headboard light (Wyze Plug) to ON and two Strip Lights (behind main TV and under shelf in Office) turn on to red and stay on to alert me that I might want to check my garage door. (also my ceiling fan cluster of four Wyze Color lights turn on to red, then another rule turns those four lights off after 45 seconds)


My first GDC setup couldn’t detect the controller either. It never occurred to me that the connectors could be mislabeled. Maybe Wyze Support should consider suggesting swapping the cables. (I wonder why it matters though.) FWIW, they were both tight connections. (They’re both micro-USB so I’m not sure why one would feel loose but not the other.) Anyway, the replacement Wyze sent works.

I totally agree about using USB-C. It’s annoying to struggle with the connectors since they’re difficult to fit in even when they’re oriented correctly. I hope I don’t have to set this up again. :slight_smile:

One leg of the splitter is longer than the other, so not sure which one is meant for which device, other than I initially went with how they were labelled. I’m going to assume it doesn’t matter which one is used with the camera, and which one is used for the controller (and if that is the case, why are they labelled as they are?)

In this pic, it appears the shorter leg is labelled to connect to the Camera, and the longer leg is labelled to connect to the controller (which did not work for me, until I swapped them to connect to the device opposite of what the labels said)

Short Leg: Labeled “Connect to Camera” but connected to Controller because I wouldn’t work any other way: (This connection when inserted into the Controller was snug, and the controller was finally recognized by the App)

Long Leg: Labeled “Connect to Controller” but connected to Camera for same reason: (This connection was sloppy /loose when inserted into the Controller)

I’ve had other Micro-USB powered devices where it would connect properly with the original supplied Micro-USB, but not with others (it appears both micro-usb’s didn’t extend the same length from the 'rubber casing" as the other.

I think this comes down to quality control on either the Micro-USB connectors and/or the assembly of the controller


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There must have been a mislabeled product run. The defective kit has a Y-cable with the short leg marked Controller and the long leg marked Camera. The working kit has a Y-cable with the long leg marked Controller and the short leg marked Camera. QC really dropped the ball on this one.


@WyzeGwendolyn, someone should mention to Wyze Support that this is a problem. Wyze is undoubtedly losing a lot of money because of a labeling snafu that could be fixed with a single email instead of Wyze paying to return working (but mislabeled) product and shipping a replacement. (Not to mention hours of customer frustration per incident.)

I moved my camera toward the back wall so capture more of the garage. That made the QR too small to read and I kept getting false “garage open” alerts. To remedy, I printed the QR across four letter pages (thereby making the QR larger) and taped them together. It’s working like a charm!

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I was really surprised to discover that the “AI” was just a QR code reader. I can’t imagine an easier AI problem than detecting the absence or presence of a garage door. It seems as if it could take a picture of it open and a picture of it closed and easily learn which was which.

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I agree with @Cleck . I tried to mount the camera at the back of my garage. I was able to still open and close my garage, but not able to get confirmation on Open Close status. I even tried to print a larger image of the scan code, but still did not work :frowning:

I tried the same thing, but it did not work. Maybe the print was not good enough. Do you have a digital copy of the file?

Attached herein. It worked well for me, printing maximum size across 4 letter pages and combining them.

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Oh interesting. It just says “wyze.com/g”.

Thanks! I did a better print, which worked … at first. As soon as the sun light and lights were gone the cam was no longer able to see the image, so I think I am back to moving the cam to the garage door opener :frowning:

In Rules, I can’t set the Device Trigger (motion) for your “clear for 15 minutes”, the only schedule available is by specific time or time window. Where do you set the rule so that it can trigger on “clear for X time”?