Garage Door never calibrates, can I have it ignore the open/close status?

It’s really frustrating and I am not sure what else to do but get a different door opener.
I have been using a different brand (meross) and it was working perfectly fine because all it does is open and close and it has a magnetic sensor to tell if the door is open or not.
So I upgraded to wyze cam since I already subscribe to wyze and had many cameras.
The camera part works great as usual but the garage door opener just does not function. The QR code is clearly visible, in fact I moved it down a little to make sure it sees it. Could it be that when light comes on it forgets the door was opened or closed? Like what are some suggestions to fix this, it’s so frustrating coming home with bags of groceries and I can’t open the door. (I don’t have any other remotes to operate)

Is this bad placement for QR?

I am willing to sign a waiver if I can just turn the Wyze garage door opener into a remote “clicker” clicks on the opener, doesn’t have to remember it’s open or closed?

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tried to install at my daughters place yesterday. have the exact same problem. . it opened on time but never again. it blinks the light on the controller. This basically make the item useless.

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Still no response from anyone else, I will try to reach Wyze with a trouble ticket if that’s going to work.

Absolutely should contact support to see if they have any known issues or resolutions.

However, from my experience the usual suspects are:

Did you calibrate the QR Code? (you say no)

Without a calibration, the app is telling you it can’t read the QR Code. Best then to make sure the code is illuminated 24/7 (like turning the IR lights on the camera on), or moving the camera closer to the sticker.

After calibration, any picture disruptions of 20 or 30 seconds or less (like a light coming on) will not disrupt the open/close status of the GDC, as it normally waits longer than that to call the ‘open’ change.

Beyond the above, the main question here is how do you try to open the door? If by Wyze app, then that’s a problem. But if by your legacy RF remote control – then that depends on whether you bought the full kit, or the GDC only. If you bought the GDC only, then you probably didn’t get the RF shielded camera that prevents interference with the legacy remotes.

You might also contact support, but try a power cycle to the camera first.

Thanks Newshound,

Did you calibrate the QR Code? (you say no)

I calibrated once when I installed it, it worked fine for a number of days and for some unknown reason it stopped working, My guess is it got confused. There was a point when it actually thought door was open when it was closed, so clicking “Open” button on Wyze app would cause it to blink lights and sound as if it was getting ready to close the door. I was able to fix it each and every time by removing and re-adding the camera+controller. It does recognize the QR code during set up, but it never calibrates and shows the “calibrating” screen I shared and there is no error or success message, it just stops showing me the calibrating message.

the main question here is how do you try to open the door

I try to open it with wyze app but obviously it doesn’t work because it’s not calibrated. It shows the countdown as if it’s getting ready to open but does not. It says it needs to be calibrated…
I don’t have a car remote/hand held remote/RF remote, I only have wyze to open the door (from outside).
Inside the garage, I have the door buttons to open & close, but I don’t usually mix the two, like I don’t open from door button and then close it with Wyze, but even if I did, technically it should not cause confusion. I have another garage and I use meross on that door, the failure rate of Meross is around 1 out of 30 times, for your reference, and that’s usually due to network issues when the phone is switching from LTE to Wifi.

My v3 does not calibrate! The instructions say that QR code and Wyze Cam v3 is between 3-15 feet, but my garage as well as the average garage is at least 18.’ If I move the camera closer it does not see the whole garage. Wyze needs to correct this deficiency.

ive had mine setup since we got them preorder. Yesterday I had to swap the wifi name and i noticed I could not calibrate it either. it does this weird thing on iOS where the next button never takes you to the next screen during the calibration sequence. I was able to get it done with android in bluestacks,

Thanks. Might try using a different Wi-Fi’s server. Is your camera more than 15’ from the QR code?

You have to click “The garage door is fully closed” before the Next button will light up. If not, state your iOS app, camera, and GDC version numbers.

The limitation is because there must be enough resolution to read the QR code. Move your camera closer.

I did check the box. Clicking next would show ‘calibrating’ in a tiny pop up and nothing would happen. I was stuck on that screen. I tried couple different app versions from test flight. All had the same behavior. Phone was restarted a few times during all that testing as well.

Everything is latest versions.

If resolution is the issue, Wyze needs correct this limitation. Garage sizes are not uniform!

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When you mentioned Testflight I thought you might be a Beta tester. Your firmware confirms that, it is a Beta version. That’s one of the problems with saying ‘latest versions’. Latest production? Latest Beta? Latest an old phone can load? Numbers are way better, lol. :slight_smile:

Anyway, you should post this issue in the announcement thread for either the Beta app or Beta firmware, it shouldn’t be out in the production area. Since you tried several different Beta apps, it should probably be posted in the Beta firmware thread. For your firmware that would be the link below.

If you need to correct it right away (and probably a good test to prove it is the firmware), you can manually downgrade to the current production version using the downloadable file to use with the SD card procedure on the second link:

The camera is meant to be installed at the garage door controller. That’s about 9 feet back on my garage. You might consider a second camera or enlarging the QR code if you want to go outside the specified range of 15 feet.

My garage door is about 7ft high and the door opener is no farther than 8ft. It’s clear wyze cam is still having trouble recognizing the QR code, even though it recognized in the beginning but eventually loses track of it. It can see it with red icon as you can see above.

Again, one solution is to have an option for Wyze app to stop tracking QR code and send open/close instruction directly or have option to force open.

Today out of nowhere it worked, but now it thinks door is open and has been open while it’s been closed why, because door was opened by app, and closed by door button and since it didn’t recognize the QR, it thinks it’s still open.

If your suggestion is to enlarge the QR sticker, we’ll maybe Wyze should send bigger sticker for everyone to use.

I will try to print a larger QR code, but this is very cumbersome and I am considering installing Meross back, which was $15. It had its own issues too but at least it worked for the most part.

Your position looks great; you shouldn’t need to enlarge anything. Yours is right where it is supposed to be.

What I wonder is about drift. A garage door opener can shake. My camera is only magnetically mounted, but I made sure the magnet wasn’t under a hole in the angle iron, so it would hold the best. I’ve never had to recalibrate, so seems to be working well. Is yours a solid mount? Or can it slowly vibrate out of position? Even if it drifts, it should be able to be recalibrated to the new position, tho.

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The only issue with not recognizing the QR code is that I do not get alerts when the garage doors open or closed. I can look at the camera and get this information and the open/close operation works. To me that seems like a bug that Wyze should be able to fix.

The alerts are based on the camera recognizing the QR Code, so without that recognition you will never see a status change. The QR Code needs to be calibrated. You should do that.

‘Calibration’ of the QR code should be needed only on initial install, merely as a way of confirming that the QR code is sufficiently within the range of what the camera can recognize.
Once that’s done, the code’s location within the frame should NOT be an issue. In other words, the camera should be scanning the whole visible frame for the QR before deciding that it’s not there.
The cam should still be able to find it - even after minor positioning changes - as long as nothing major has changed and the code is still sufficiently visible in the frame.
Yet, it seems like the ‘calibration’ is fixated on the QR being in the exact same spot forevermore. That’s absurd. Cams can be jostled, but not so much that the entire viewing range is changed.
The cam should be able to determine: Yes, the QR remains within my viewable range and is still findable, therefore the door is closed.
That it can be tricked by something as simple as a minor adjustment of camera position (assuming the QR is still at the same degree of visibility) seems like sloppy programming, and should NOT result in the cam declaring the door is open. Rather, it should first attempt to see if the QR is still findable in-bounds (i.e. just like what it does during ‘calibration’).

It seems like many of our woes would be solved if the cam did that small extra step.

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I suggest recalibration, but as you say if that is required there is a problem. I have had a GDC since day 1, and I have never had to recalibrate it. However, someone may have excessive shaking of the camera, poor mounting, etc that needs to be fixed.

The QR code calibration is reasonably tight, so if you open the door a few inches the door shows as open.

But even with that ability, I have never had to recalibrate mine.

In fact the most common problems are someone who has never calibrated the code, or someone who doesn’t use the IR lights at night, or someone who installs the camera outside the recommended range, like in the back of the garage.