Wyze Garage Controller Event says succeeded But it didn't

My neighbor called me to tell me my garage door was open at 9:00PM. I checked the app, and the garage cam said closed. I checked the event history and the daily schedule to close it at 8:00PM succeeded. I went out and sure enough it was wide open. I then closed the door from the app. This makes no sense to me. I can’t believe it can be a calibration issue with the door completely up. Any suggestions?

When I look at the camera controlling the opener (and the door is closed), I see a red square around the QR Code sheet on the door? Do you also see it? If not, it may mean the calibration is off.

I also still have the MyQ controller in place. I have an extra rule to close the door through that app that runs after the Wyze rule is scheduled to run.

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I figured it out. The adhesive mounting sticker on my garage opener was slowly coming loose. It would close my door and then re-open it. I replaced the sticker and re-calibrated and it worked on my first test, so I’m pretty sure that was the problem. Thanks for your input.


MVB I don’t see that red ring around mine.

Interesting. I don’t see it when in the group view. But, it is there when I open live stream. Motion tagging on/off didn’t make a difference. If I zoom in, it disappears but comes right back.

It is always exactly on the outside edge of the QR code.

does the myqcontroller app work with the wyze controller?

No it does not. I had installed the MyQ opener 7 years ago shortly after I bought the house. But both controllers are connected to the door opener and they work side by side.

I was glad too. I wanted to have redundancy. But, if power is out to the house, I’m SOL. That’s why why I put the Wyze Bolt Lock on my front door. :smile: