Garage Door Opener - Stop Recalibrate Messages

My v.3 Garage Door controller opens and closes flawlessly every time on my 20-year-old Overhead Legacy door controller. However, the Wyze GDO is not a smart controller. Door position feedback is open loop. You can never be certain that if it says the door is closed or open that it is true. However, the corresponding photo will always show you the true position as open or closed.

I often received messages to recalibrate - very frustrating. I almost threw the darned system out.

THE FIX: NEVER open or close the door with the wall button or the remote opener in your car. If you do - all bets are off. The door will activate, but the v.3/control stops correctly giving true door position. NEVER use anything but the button on your app to control the door.

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This is not true. I only open my garage door with my legacy RF remotes and garage wall button (not the app), and I never get recalibration messages, and the GDC always knows what position my door is in.

What you may be experiencing is trouble reading your QR code. When the camera can read it clearly, and the GDC has been calibrated to know the position of the QR code, a car could even run into your door and cave it in, and the GDC would immediately (within about 30 seconds) know that the door was no longer closed.

The rule is: If it can clearly see the QR code in the calibrated position, then the door is closed. If it can’t, then the door is open. On a properly functioning system this should work reliably every time, no matter how the door opens or closes.

Can you post a picture of your V3 cam’s view of the QR code? Do you have Night Vision and IR lights on for coverage at night? Did you run thru the calibration process? Does your garage door vibrate enough to change the position of the camera after calibration?

Interesting. Last two of you. Interesting.

I was having false readings due to this very issue because I did not have Night Vision on (black and white) so the camera was only catching the light outside during the night. This made the Controller think the garage was open.

I had to turn on Night Vision and that solved my issue.


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THANK YOU for this insight. Seems I may have the situation backward. Your comment makes perfect sense.

I have attached two clips – one is a still shot (400 kb) – taken today – mid-afternoon – in a quite dark garage except for light leakage above the door. At night I do not have IR. But a visible light as shown. I have had to recalibrate MANY times. Yes in the video you can see some motion of the camera as the opener shakes.

Sensitivity is set to 50 – Night vision is set to auto. When I couldn’t get this to work reliably, I installed a 1 watt 200 lumens LED “nightlight” on 24 hours/day and that is what produces the visible light and the shadow around my car.

The second clip is a 3.8 Mb video of the door opening. I welcome your thoughts on the nightlight, setting on Auto, and the position of the QR code.

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Additional: I just turned the LED light off and set the app to night vision ON. Interesting to see if this fixes it.

If your problems were mostly at night, the night vision switch may help. I assume you have the IR lights turned on too. :slight_smile:

What interests me at a glance is your QR code. Was this the sticker they sent you? Why I ask is because there doesn’t seem to be much white around it, but you have an excess of white below it. I got one of the first units, but the white gap around mine is uniform. A white gap is needed all around to read a QR code. So wondering about yours.

OK here is where we are now.

Yes, this is the QR Sticker sent to me in the box. See close-up photo. Nowhere do the instructions say to trim off the instructions for a uniform white border, but I will do so. I can mount it on a white sheet with uniform white borders.

LED nightlight removed.

Night vision is now ON

IR Lights No ON and set to Far (never were on before – I was under the misconception you had to buy an external IR illuminator. – see the new photo attached of door illumination with the above settings.

I don’t think camera motion from the controller is causing a problem – possible but not likely. Pretty solid mount – requests a refresh about every week. But it appears so many other problems.

I just opened the door using the wall button – the app said the door was closed but it was open. Every time I use the wall button it messes up the status. It’s been operating fine for a week (12x?) using only the app controller.

Any other thoughts?

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Don’t worry about the white space being uniform. The main idea is it has white space around it, which even with the extra at the bottom, it seems to. If not enough, then that is on Wyze, and we will get it fixed, but no other reports so far. So lets focus on other possibilities ATM (although your white space really seems really thin!)

Have you gone thru the calibration procedure (Camera settings > Accessories > Garage Door Controller > QR Code Detection > QR Code Calibration)?

This is interesting because the easiest thing is to say the door was open. This implies it still saw the QR code in the proper position, or you have a malfunction of some sort. But confirm the calibration process is complete so we have a baseline.

Yes, I have recalibrated many times using the procedure.


My detection zone was set just skirting the top of the QR and I’ve adjusted it. I’m in Denver and it is going on 11 pm so am going to call it a night. Would you be available tomorrow to continue? I really appreciate your insights.

BTW I just opened the door with the app and it still says the door is closed although I got a msg saying motion was detected and the camera shows open.

After 9-10 incorrect door status events never has it asked me to re-calibrate, Interesting. It seems it always wants me to only use the app for control

Sure, I am available whenever (but mostly at night).

Okay, so you have definitely recalibrated. But the door only indicates closed. BTW, the static status on the Home tab is not necessarily the status of the garage door. Maybe they need to tighten that up a bit.

@WyzeHongfei, any thoughts on this?

I commend you for using LED. But in case you didn’t know, some LED bulb produce a frequency that interferes with GDOs. So, keep and eye on future issues that might wind up being the bulb. There are LED bulbs specifically for GDO’s on Amazon.

Hi Sam,

Thank you for sending this info and for your offer of assistance. I didn’t reply sooner because I was working with Newshound via Waze, which helped me tremendously. It turns out I was doing several things all wrong simply due to a total lack of simple information.

I am an electrical engineer and highly tech savvy but the instructions and information provided by Wyse are totally inadequate and a real shame. I think, that with Newshound’s guidance I finally have things working correctly.

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Good afternoon (I don’t know your name or location),

I want to thank you for your kind offer to step in and assist me as well as for the time you spent with me to unravel what was happening with my misbehaving GDO. See also attached photo of the new QR Card Positioning.

  1. I was wrong – going forward, I will always use only the wall button or in-car remotes to control the door unless I was deliberately trying to control it remotely from far away. The app is intended for a remote status check on the door position, to warn when there was a change or intrusion, and to make a remote change.

  2. I removed my 200 lumens LED supplemental light completely – it was messing several things up, unnecessary, and causing problems.

  3. I turned on the IR and set it to distance since my garage is very dark at night and also on to ON, not AUTO

  4. I had not previously peeled the QR code off the backing and only temporarily fastened it to the door with Scotch tape since I didn’t want to glue it down only to find it might be in the wrong place.

  5. I mounted the QR on a white card about an inch larger all around and glued it down to my grey garage door and removed all bubbles and wrinkles.

  6. I then taped the card/QR to a slightly higher place better in line with the camera.

  7. I then recalibrated the QR.

  8. I am now using ONLY the wall switch and remotes in the cars – the only time I will Open/Close from the app is if I want to remotely change the door position from afar.

  9. It’s only been an hour or so since I implemented all these changes and I’ve only tested the door 3-4 times:

a. A) Door control works perfectly (as it always had) using the standard OverheadDoor and car remote controls.

b. B) It also is reporting the position correctly on the camera, the alert messages I receive, as well as on the home page status if I refresh the home page. I hope that further testing will have confirmed we have nailed the problems.

SO, all appears fixed, thanks to your kind and extensive help. This process has been sort of like peeling an onion to get to the root issues.

I am extremely disappointed with the inexcusable lack of complete installation information, simple tips, and lack of detailed instructions provided by Wyze. SO simple for Wyse to do on one small sheet of paper or online. I am an experienced engineer and “techie” and I worry about the 75-year-old grandmother who has no tech background getting this product EVER working properly.

Thank you again!

Best regards,


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Thanks for the tip Scott. Looks like I had a similar issue.

I know I am not the one that deserves the thanks. I didn’t do nuthin’, really.

And I apology in Wyze’s behave for their lacking in better explanations for not just you, but all. And you have certainly made up to the same “all” with your expert/excellent guide that should be come both guide and primer for all that come after or are having any difficulties. Wow. Nicely done, sir.

You can use Auto if you like. I have mine set to Auto/Dusk/Far. Or you can just leave it on.

Looks great! :slight_smile:

Wyze tends to put most information online in the Support Section. There are even some installation videos there: