Garage Controller support for door gates opening to the sides instead of up

I have successfully installed my garage opener controller and have difficulty calibrating it. My garage door opens to the sides instead of up and down. Is there an alternative to calibrating the system without using the QR code? There are many of us who have this kind of garage door.

Also, if once you calibrate the system, is it a requirement to have it visible to the camera for the system to operate?

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The GDC doesn’t care if it opens to the side or not, but it does care whether the QR code is visible when it is closed, and not visible when it is open. It must react the same way after calibration as it does during calibration to function properly.

At this time there is no alternative for calibration without the QR code, but this wishlist topic may help that if approved. :slight_smile:


I am interested in something similar, operation of a gate opener. I already have a Wyze cam v3 near the gate, so adding the controller would be perfect, but there’s no place to mount the QR and it would be out in the elements anyway.

Thanks for your commentary. Ir help.