Gate Opener integration

Looking to add my swing gate opener to Wyze for remote operation and monitoring. I tried the garage door opener setup but it doesn’t calibrate properly. Wyze has no current solution. Any ideas?

Well lets start with a few things…

  1. Make Model of gate
  2. Swing IN or OUT or slide?
  3. Does the controller have some sort of local push button input like the garage door openers do??
  4. How is the camera mounted to view the QR sign? ie: location,height etc…

This may seem counter productive, but its best to start with all the variables known.

IF, again, IF the controller has a “button” interface like that most garage openers have… then…

I would take a small small board of some sort about the size of the QR sticker… mount the sticker on it… then mount the board to the gate for the camera to view…

Then accepting that the controller for the gate has an input wire it up to the controller… and the do the install.

You say it won’t calibrate… more details on your setup you have, and where it fails and the above…

I honestly think you could hack this to work, IF your gate controller has a push button circuit compatible with garage controllers

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I have used it for a while, but I’ve never mounted the QR code. I figured it wouldn’t do too well out in the weather I mainly like the convenience of being able to remotely open and close the gate. I didn’t know if there was any other products on the market that addressed swing gates specifically. But as you said mounting the QR code to the gate would probably help. I appreciate your response.

The QR code is how the software determines if the door/gate is open or closed. So its unlikely to “calibrate” with out that. Surprised it let you got that far with out it.

I would take the QR code sheet to you local Kinkos, Office Depot etc… and have them make you several copies of it, and LAMINATE IT… KEEP THE ORIGINAL SAFE and inside… its not meant for outside… Use the LAMINATED ones as I described.

There may be other products but it would be a different system outside of wyze.

I did initially hold the qr code with my hands to calibrate, but after a while I guess it looks for it again. I like your idea to make a laminated copy. I will look into that, thanks!

It looks for it EVERY TIME it closes the door… That RED BOX it draws is the feedback to it that it is closed… without it may work for awhile then stop… Honestly I am would be surprised if it worked at all again after failure to find the QR code after a close event.

Does it show closed in the software? If not its not finding the QR code thus it doesn’t know what state it is in.

Follow what I said… kinksos have them make you 5-6 copies, laminated… mount to board, mount to gate… Hacked! :slight_smile: :dancing_men: