Need help setting up Garage Door Controller

I just purchased the Wyze Garage Door Opener “Kit”. My Chamberlin opener is compatible, have done all the test. Scanned QR Code, and connected. Tried to add camera but does not offer “garage door opener”. Camera shows garage door however, there are no options and no green button to depress on app to open or close door. Do not see a place to calibrate. App is showing this as just an ordinary WZYE Camera. Suggestions please.? I have removed power and performed all the troubleshooting . Thanks

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You need to setup and add v3 cam to app, install garage door controller, add garage door controller to app. If you don’t see Wyze Garage Door Controller as a device to add at Wyze app Home > Add (“+” icon upper left) > Add Device > Cameras, your app needs updating. Your app should be at 2.31.0 (145) for Android or 2.31.1 (0) for iOS.

Lots of good info and help on the Wyze Garage Door Controller support pages.

Wyze Garage Door Controller Installation Guide

Wyze Garage Door Controller Setup Guide

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Wyze Garage Door Controller Installation Troubleshooting


So very thankful for your instructions. The app (out of date) was this issue. Wish I would have jumped on the Forum hours ago. Again, Thank You So very Much


No problem… great to hear you have it working. :+1:

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After all the trouble shooting and many attempts, I find I need help. I have installed the opener with the oval wire V3 cam type instead of the round wire V3 cam type. Everything is working until I get to calibration. It goes through the different screens on my iphone and once the “Open Garage” icon is pushed, the light flashes and the bell does it’s count down as expected. THEN NOTHING! The garage door did not open! I have reset the suggested button push times as recommended in the trouble shooting but all 4 suggested button times failed to correct the problem. I have a lift master with a PURPLE BUTTON so have follwed all instruction regarding that. Your thoughts? Do I need to purchase the round wire V3 cam to make the opener to work?