Garage Door Controller QR code calibration problems

I recently lost power to my Garage and when the power was restored my WYZE Garage Door Controller would not open or close the Garage Door. The WYZE app told me I needed to calibrate the Garage Door Controller QR code. Nothing else changed in the Garage nor had I made any changes to the settings. Unfortunately now I can’t get the Camera to calibrate. I’ve tried resetting the Camera and the controller, turned lights on/off in garage, tried different IR settings, adjusted camera, etc. no luck it just won’t calibrate. Anyone have any tricks and or suggestions to help me calibrate it? FYI my garage door will still open and close using the manufacturer’s remote and wall controls. And I still get notifications from the WYZE Garage Door Controller open/close sensor.

This is probably an indication that you are already calibrated. There is no sensor; the camera simply reads the QR code sticker on the door. When that sticker is in the calibrated position it calls the door closed, and when not it calls it open.

I wonder if you didn’t get a power glitch when your power was restored that hurt the Wyze GDC. You did a lot of resetting, but did you power cycle the camera and controller? If it still doesn’t work after that, contact Wyze Customer Support – maybe you have a damaged GDC controller.

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