Garage door controller calibrated once, now never

I’m struggling to get my garage door controller to calibrate the blasted qr code. It went fine on install, then I moved it 3 inches and it simply won’t calibrate. I’ve moved it back, I printed a two page 11x11 qr, but nothing. A screenshot from it failing to “calibrate” shows the red box and I can upload the screenshot to a scanner and THAT will read it, but the camera will not. Incredibly frustrated. Anyone know what could be causing issues?

Perhaps noteworthy, it first calibrated on older firmware. I forget which, but it ran through like 3 or 4 updates before being up to date. The controller updated once.

The QR shows plainly in red and reads when uploaded to QR readers, so it’s just the calibration being difficult.

What app version and FW are you on? I will see if I can replicate.

Feel a little silly, but the issue is also pretty silly. The QR was indeed in plain sight, but it appears the camera doesn’t appreciate it being placed near the edge of the viewport. I moved it down a door panel and it calibrates just fine.

I was worried that parking too close to the door would obscure the QR, and thus confuse the system, so I placed it on the top door section of my standard 4 section door. Moving it down one allows calibration to succeed.

Here’s a crop to show where I moved it to, and you can see one panel above where I moved it from is indeed fairly close to the edge of the viewport, but there was nothing hindering it from being read plainly.

I propose that this should either be allowed, or the selection box during installation should disallow selection wherever the problematic cutoff is. I’d really rather there be a little more intelligence added to allow the QR to be calibrated better, but at least denying near the edges where that is a problem is better than nothing. Seems awfully strange that it simply can’t read the obviously red boxed in QR where it was originally though.

Also a tip. I love the 11x11 QR. Technically with 0.2" margins its 10.6*10.6, but it’s about the best you can get with 8.5x11 sheets of paper. You can search here or straight through Google about printing your own to find the thread. Near the bottom, someone made and cleaned up an SVG version, so you can expand to any size. It’s not terribly difficult to expand it to the full page size, then on the second page, you just rotate 180 degrees and expand to the same size. Gives you two sheets you just need to trim and align before taping down.

Before I got it working I was planning to measure the size of the door panel to determine the max height that would fit. I might still try that and placing it back on the top panel to see if I can get it to calibrate. An exercise for another day maybe.

If I give that a go, I’ll report back here with the results. I’m pretty sure it won’t read that close to the edge of the viewport. I can only guess there’s an arbitrary limitation placed on it. Here’s hoping Wyze opts to make detection a little better and allow edge placement in future updates.

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