Wyze garage door controller rule stopped working

I have had the Wyze Garage door controller for almost a year and it has been working fine. During setup I set a rule to close the door at 11PM in case it was left open. About two weeks ago I noticed at 11 PM the Wyze controller opens the door and then shuts it, every night. Any ideas why this behavior has started?

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interestingly i have the same rule. ever since the last firmware update, which happened around 9/28/23 ish, my garage door opens, rather than closes, at 11 pm. Mine doesn’t automatically close like what Kevin said, so it’s worse. lol

Also if i pull up the camera view, the 2D barcode is no longer circled.

I fixed it by moving my camara, it seemed to move slightly due to the vibration of the opener. Now the QR code is outlined with green and the garage door no longer opens at 11PM when the rule tells it to close.

Thanks, Kevin. I moved the camera (it was pretty easy for me to do since i was just using the magnet, rather than any tapes) but that didn’t help. then i suddenly remembered there was that re-calibration feature. I used that and so far it’s been working fine for the past week.