Garage door rules stop working

Garage door rules stop working.
Call support after I noticed my garage doors were open. I had a rule setup to close the garage doors at 7pm every day. They were open for a termite inspection and I forgot to close them and notice the next day they were open all night. Not what I expected. Call support and they had me delete the rule and recreate it and it works now. Support hung up on me before verifying. Call support again to complain about the rule not working because what’s the point of a rule to close the garage doors if it doesn’t work? Hung up on again. Called support again and was told there are no managers to talk to. My question to wyze is how often do I need to delete the rule to make it work again? It is not what I’m paying for. I will be moving on from Wyze and I already have a lot of cams and subscriptions.

Confused whether deleting the rule helped, or you just had a random success. I guess I wouldn’t expect the deletion of the rule to fix the problem, so let’s try what I think might be wrong.

The controller determines if the garage door is up or down by looking at the QR code on the door. You must have good visibility of this code for the controller to recognize whether the door is opened or closed.

When you install the system it has you perform a ‘calibration’. When you calibrate the system, it recognizes where to look for the QR code. If the code is even an inch out of this position, the controller considers the door open.

Let’s look at what would have happened in your case if it couldn’t read the QR code. It would not have seen the code at 7PM, so it would have initiated a door close. When the door closed if it couldn’t see the code it would try again. That would open the door. If at the end of that attempt it still couldn’t see the QR code, it would abort and send you a push alert that it was having trouble. So not seeing the QR code is a possibility in this case.

So beyond having 24-hour visibility of the code, you have the possibility that the camera may vibrate and walk. If that happens to you then you should secure the camera better and recalibrate. A quick recalibration now should fix the issue, but if it needed recalibration then check how well the camera is mounted. For instance, mine is magnetically mounted, but I made sure the magnet wasn’t aligned with a hole on the angle iron. Mine hasn’t needed recalibration since it was installed.

Make sure also the system can see the code 24 hours a day, especially with it getting darker earlier every day.

So try a recalibration and see if that helps. :slight_smile: