Doorbell button - press sound mute/custom sounds

Add the ability to change / mute the sound the doorbell makes when the button is pushed. Not referring to the chime accessory. Should have the ability to make the doorbell not make a sound when someone pushes the doorbell button (or change it to a different sound). Being that the nightlight comes on when the button is pushed, that can alert the person pressing the button that the doorbell has acknowledged their button-press.

I think the doorbell sound (via the app) should be customized so that it is not the same notification sound all alerts generate in Wyze. I get so many false alerts from cameras (due to failings of the detection zone settings), that I start ignoring them. So, I now miss doorbell presses, because they use the same notification sound. Why not let the doorbell notification sound be, well, a doorbell?

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Or the option to set different sounds for different cameras. So the cameras that aren’t as critical could have an alert that is not as noticable, but the doorbell or other cameras you want to make sure to monitor can have a more noticable tone.

I am in the same boat. I tried playing with IFTTT to get it to work but it doesn’t appear that IFTTT works with the Video Doorbell yet. When I’m in the basement, I can’t hear the chime, and we have it turned up loud. At least I would hear the doorbell on my phone when it rings. Right now, I just hear it as another camera notification that I’ll look at later.