Video doorbell pro sound?

The video doorbell pro works good so far. The only thing is whenever you push the doorbell, the chime that is on the physical doorbell itself is pretty loud. And there is no way to turn off in the software.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can turn down or honestly just turn off the sound that is on the doorbell (I’m not talking about the chime)?

I don’t need my whole apartment complex knowing that somebody rang my doorbell, just me.


Unfortunately not an option currently. You may have some luck placing some duct tape or some tape cover over the speaker on the bottom of the Pro to muffle or dampen the sound. There is also a current wishlist topic requesting this audio to be customizable, which would include muting it. Check out the wishlist, comment and most importantly vote on it to show support!


OMGosh Guys, this should be an easy Fix, just put a programming option to turn off the Ringer/Chime in the actual button!

I just switched from the even more horrible Blink Cameras and Doorbells, I was initially with the overpriced Nest System and I have to say this Doorbell issue is a BAD BAD DESIGN OR PROGRAMMING FLAW.

I may have to return this Doorbell because you can’t even turn the volume down.

One other thing you may want to add is an option to link it so a camera or two can chime as well. Thats what other companies do too.

But please please at least put a volume option or turn off option on the outside doorbell portion. I don’t want the entire world knowing someone rang my doorbell. It has to be at least 90 decibels mind numbingly loud.

PRETTY PLEASE. Its going on 2 years now, I have seen posts about this since then.