Can you turn off the outdoor doorbell ring noise?

Is there a way to turn the ring off on the actual outside unit??


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Unfortunately there is no mute for the doorbell push audible notification at this time.

There is a wishlist item for this that, give it a vote.


My neighbor loves hearing every time someone rings my doorbell :person_facepalming:

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This loud chime on the outside of my apartment door is a deal breaker! Please fix this issue so I don’t have to return this. Love all other features…just can’t live with the alert the neighbors one. Thanks!


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Make sure to go to the wishlist item and vote for this feature.


What a horrendous design to not have this feature available (disable the bell at the door camera itself)…thanks for releasing a beta product Wyze…pretty common sense to allow us to disable the doorbell chime from the door itself. Will be returning this “pro” door cam ASAP after seeing this dissappointing news. Simple software push to fix this… just wow


This is so disappointing, and ridiculous that we can’t at least disable the outside ring. I can’t use this where I live because it is so loud. I’m returning the doorbell and going with a different product.

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Looks like already month gone since first complain and nothing was fixed.
I just bought that beautiful doorbell on Amazon and if it won’t fix until October 1, I will return it.
God Bless Amazon Prime!

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