Wyze Doorbell Pro - Add ability to adjust doorbell volume

Please add the ability to adjust the volume of the tune when the Wyze Doorbell Pro’s circle button is pressed. This is related to doorbell volume, not chime volume.

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@neupur2 , make sure you add your vote to this. It is not automatically added when you create the Wish


Yes, please add this feature. I absolutely do NOT want the camera unit to make a horribly loud and awful noise when someone rings it. Just the chime should make sound. The fact that I don’t have the option to turn this off is a deal breaker. I’m thinking that I should have gone with Ring.

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This will be a much appreciated feature. I would only like the chime located inside to ring. The actual doorbell should have a setting to control the volume on the doorbell itself or turn off completely.

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I also would like to be able to control the volume on the doorbell camera pro itself.
Guests are not expecting the loud sound from the doorbell camera and I would like to turn it down so that only the chime inside rings.

I’m disappointed that this is not an option. People who have heard the bell and do not like the noise are disappointed also and not using the bell, rather knocking on the door.

I wouldn’t turn it off completely. If people don’t hear something from it, they’ll just keep spamming the button. Unless that is what you want?

Are you a Wyze staff member? Or how do we get their attention to this matter?