Don't buy wyse!

Some people will never be satisfied no matter what. I think Wyze is smart enough to know to ignore this type of noise.

I have gotten the value out of all 18 of my devices, including the cameras inside, outside and in foreign countries. If they were to stopping working tomorrow, I would have already gotten value for what I paid. So in my mind, Wyze has already delivered. Consumers spend more money on other stuff than I did for less value without complaint. ( You could spend more on an expensive meal or concert, which are just experiences). Not to mention all the friends & family I’ve recommended Wyze to who are quite happy with the value they received. You have to keep things in perspective.

I have complained about stuff in this forum, but in the vein of hoping to see improvement. But I would never diss Wyze for not providing good value.


Same here. I had a terrible experience with the Bulbs. I don’t use them at all anymore. However, the camera’s and the lock have been great.
There are a lot of companies trying to do the whole ‘small smart home company’. Nooie is definitely copying Wyze’s customer model.
There will always been problems, growing pains etc. But one thing I will never say about Wyze is that they are value oriented. I just bought a new camera to add to my setup. I’ve been running their cams outside, unprotected for almost 2 years now and they run perfectly fine. Rain, snow etc. Just works.
I replaced an entire Foscam setup with Wyze and do not regret it even a little. Wyze is a good company [mod edit].

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check your spam. I have lots of trouble with their emails getting kicked there.

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I bought a Reolink Argus 2 camera for its outdoor and solar charging capabilities. I’m on my second camera; the first one died within two months. I’m on my second solar panel; the first one died in about six months. Reolink’s customer service sucks big-time, and the process by which to receive a replacement camera under warranty is about as asinine as anything I’ve ever seen. Even with the Reolink camera sitting within 10 feet of the WiFi device it’s connected to, 20% of the time it doesn’t connect on first try and 100% of the time I get the message telling me that my network quality is poor and that I need to switch the camera to the grainy, crappy 720p…but it’s the ONLY thing on my network that thinks that.

Buying a Reolink camera wasted probably 20 hours of my life. And Reolink’s camera cost about the same as SIX Wyze cameras, NONE of which I’ve had ANY trouble with.

Reolink is dead to me.


Not a farce. I bought about 20 sensors back when they first released. Put them on all my windows and garage door.
Over time, I came to ignore them, because being on windows, they rarely ever trigger, so you forget about them.
But alas, there is a flaw with them, in that they don’t send updates back to the bridge unless something happens. And since a lot of my windows are never opened, they never wake up to send a status update with a “low battery” warning.
So out of my 20 sensors, nearly all of them had dead batteries.
Guess how many of those are bricked?
11 out of 20.
How do you know when they are bricked?
When you try to associate them to the bridge, they blink 5 times instead of 3. That is the signature of death.
I even have figured out partly WHY they are bricked…
They lose their MAC addresses, and send a bad/NULL mac address to the bridge.
(They might lose even more than the MAC, but it definitely is at least the MAC)
The bridge/cam/app see the empty/bad MAC, and ignore the device.
I suspect the sensor even knows something bad has happened to its MAC, which is why the 5 blinky code happens on them.
I have an RMA request email into them now, to RMA/swap the bad ones out.
I sure hope they have fixed this issue, as there are many use cases where you DON’T want to hear from the device unless something bad has happened.

PS: It is really too bad they don’t send a heartbeat packet back like once a day. At least with that we would know if the sensor is still alive, and what its battery life is at.


Yes, it’s possible, but I find it easier on the tinyCam and Yi apps.
Both record more video before and after an event with no 5 minute “cool down” period. I have to have my Wyze cam in continuos record mode to reliably record and review events without the cloud service.


That is true, but you can review the videos on the SD card in the app itself, you do not have to remove the card to do it.

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Yi Home cam audio is better than Wyze in my experience. The playback of recorded video is a little easier also.


Thank goodness Microsoft got their act together. You almost never see vulnerability reports in Windows now a days. Patch Tuesday, that only exists in our dreams. For the first time in history Windows Server, Windows 10 and IIS are far superior to Linux and Apache, NGINX and the likes in every way.

Wait, I forgot we’re not in Mr. Rogers neighborhood of make believe. I take back everything I just said.


Well, he or she said “trying to improve”. That they haven’t improved much is just unfortunate. I prefer XP SP2 to Windows 10. Maybe even WfW 3.11.

(Perhaps this is “old person signaling”.)


LOOOOL. You almost had me…

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What about GIMP? :grinning:

Actually I always say that, and it is powerful, but I still default to Photoshop cause I know the shortcuts better… :blush:

I dont like GIMP in comparison to pshop. Photoshop is way better with its selection tools in my opinion. GIMP is fine of course as a free option. I will use it, but my copy of CS6 is still working so I’ll keep using it.

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I agree, I find Gimp very confusing and it doesn’t have the polish. To me its a lot like riding a boat vs a jetski across a harbor. Both will do the trick but one will be much more enjoyable.

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well…this thread really took a turn :smiley:

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FYI there is a way to set and hold a fixed position on a Pan. I have it setup on mine. You use a single waypoint only. However, I agree I would love to see it be better. Also, I have all mine with RTSP and wish is was part of the main build too. But what other company would go out of their way to make it work for us even though it can not be part of the main builds because they are saving us so much money. They never have been a security camera company only. You just seem like you are in a bad mood. I for one an happy with the 10 cheap cameral I have and all the people who I turned onto these cams are happy in general too. That is not to say all has been perfect, I and my brother-in-law have both had one replaced. But again these are not $300 cams either. FYI my bulbs, band and scale are working well too. Only thing I never got working right are the sensors since I use RTSP and had to forgo (at my own choosing) the ability to be on the latest firmwares.

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I’m still a Wyze man. . . … …:smiley:

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I’m old enough to remember Windows 2.11. For me, Windows 10 is the most reliable version yet.

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This is true.

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