DO NOT USE the "Close the Garage Door Rule or Shortcut" until you understand that it might OPEN, then CLOSE the garage door

Lugh, select your camera that the opener is attached to, hit settings, accessories, garage door controller, qr code detection, then calibrate


Thanks Abuse! Done, I’ll find out tomorrow if that helps the scheduled closing situation. :crossed_fingers:

It worked for me but after a week I was back in the same situation. Not sure if Wzye will put out larger QR codes or what but I gave up on the rule

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Well, in a rare episode of forethought, I scanned the QR code - with a scanner - before hanging it. So if it does seem to be the issue, I can get a larger one printed.

Can you share a photo of your v3 camera view on the QR code here, submit a log and tell me the log ID? I can forward it to our engineering team to take a look

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The key is the v3 camera must have a clear view of the QR code sticker on the garage door. Let me know if the steps I provided previously work or not.

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Log ID is 646214. If it helps, Alexa can tell me whether the door is open or closed if I ask about its status. Seem like it wouldn’t know that if QR code wasn’t readable.


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I submitted a log ID 646648 that I hope captured the issue. I have my camera set to restart every morning (seems to avoid a potential error 90), and after a restart it always says the garage door is open, when it is closed. After a while it seems to discover the QR code and corrects itself.

The controller closed the garage door and it stayed closed! So it seems recalibration worked. Thanks Hongfei and all!

Good to know! You r very welcome!


Is there any way to disable rules or schedules that rely upon the calibration? Perhaps an alert/email to the user… big flashing red indication in the app that it is out of calibration, and the rules or schedules that close the door will not run until device is recalibrated?

I’d rather have my app flashing red and/or notify me that the rule is not going to run, than have my door open unexpectedly if the door camera is out of calibration.

I have disabled this feature because of this issue.


The challenge here is that the v3 camera doesn’t know if it is out of calibration or if the door is open.

The camera uses the QR code sticker on the garage door to determine if the door is closed or open. If the camera cannot detect the QR code sticker in the ‘garage door fully closed’ position for a certain time + motion detected in the frame, the camera will think the door is open.

In the software, if the v3 camera does not see the QR code in the ‘closed door’ spot once after 5 times of open/close control via the app controller button, the app will notify user that the calibration is needed.

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Nope, that’s how it worked for me too.

Is there any chance that, for those of that own a Sense Hub & Entry Sensor, that the GDC can use an Entry Sensor to determine the status of the Garage Door instead of the QR Code?

I’ve lost confidence in ever using the QR Code method to determine my door’s status.


All Wyze has to do is make some firmware and app changes to support it. I’d buy a GDC if they made the changes:

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@WyzeHongfei On a related, but unrelated note I did the following this evening, because this is what I do for entertainment on Friday nights :slight_smile:

I was documenting my Rules and Shortcuts in a spreadsheet this evening in an attempt to bring some sort of order the chaos of the rules in the app… I started with the Shortcuts…


I saved, and exited back to the main screen, and tapped on ‘Close Garage Door’ resulting in:

  1. The fully garage door opened, and stayed open (this actually makes sense, as all the GDC system is doing is pushing the button… and that it did as asked… pushed the garage door button, resulting in the door changing states

  2. I pushed the Shortcut “Close Garage Door” again to… close the garage door. it closed… and then seconds later, it proceeded to fully open and stay in the fully open postion

  3. I pushed the “Close Garage Door” shortcut button again…and it Opened (normal, but not normal)… and then it opened again…

  4. I then opened the V3 Camera associated with the GDC and tapped the “Controller Button” to close the garage door, and this time it closed, and stay closed.

Take away from this Fun Friday Evening… Don’t create a Shortcut to Close your Garage Door ?

Not sure which log will have record of what occurred, so here’s both logs:

iPhone Log ID: 656274
Android Emulated phone on Windows 11 log ID: 656285

Off to delete that shortcut as I don’t want to accidentally open my garage door (Nice of have a routine in Alexa that announces on my Echo Show 10 gen 3, that the garage door is opening or is closed triggering form the Wyze Contact Sensor in use on the garage door…)



Hi Hongfei, It’s back to not closing again. Actually not been functioning properly for a few days. Not only that, even when it wasn’t closing on schedule, etc before, I could at least close it via the app. Now it’s not even doing that. I have to walk to the garage and press the button like a caveman! I tried calibrating again, I check the box that it is closed and click next, but nothing happens. Not sure what to do next., except I’m about to submit logs.



I created a rule to close the garage door at midnight if I forgot to do it myself in the evening. It happened last night. The door did close but then 10 seconds later the opener beeped its warning and the door reopened and stayed open. So I know the reopen is triggered by the wyze controller, this was not some obstacle in the door way.
I made multiple tests, daytime, night time, camera position never changed. Always the same thing. Door will close, then reopen and stay open.

Wyze are you promoting burglaries ??

Rules deactivated until this is fixed.


@marcopolo its most likely because the camera failed to see the QR code so it assumes the door is open and triggers the system. The issue is, it doesnt have a different trigger to open or close its the same signal. So the signal is sent and your garage door opens (when wyze thinks its closing).
I deactivated mine because even if you re-calibrate your QR code you’ll experience the same issue after a few days.
Super disappointed in Wyze on this since it seems to be a very common issue among users and you would imagine this would have been discovered in their testing.