Garage door open/close time

The controller, from the setup process, seems to be willing to wait 5 seconds for a garage door to open or close. Mine takes about 8 seconds. (The default trigger push time is fine and reliably open/closes the door when I press the Wyze button.)

Is there a way to increase the delay for fully opening and closing so the controller knows when to look for the QR code.

The camera is always looking for the QR Code.

If someone crashes into your door, the system will tell you the door is open. It does not require an open/close operation to notice the QR code went missing.

The open/closed notifications are based on the position of the QR code, and whether it is in it’s calibrated position or not. When it exits the calibrated position, the system waits about 25 seconds to notify you. I think that is to filter out temporary blockages of the QR code, like someone passing in front of it. When you move the QR code back into position (door closed), it takes less time, say 10 seconds.

Are you having a specific problem?