Schedule Set to Close -- but Opens door first

I love the Garage Door Controller. I want the schedule to check to see if the garage door is closed every night at 10pm. I scheduled it. But, when it is closed, it actually opens the door first a few feet – and then closes it. My desire is to close it if it is open, and do nothing if it is already closed.

What am I doing wrong?


The way you want it to work should be the way it works “My desire is to close it if it is open, and do nothing if it is already closed.” It should just check the QR code, and if it finds it in the closed position do nothing.

So maybe you need to recalibrate your QR code? Can it see the code well at 10 PM? The only part I really don’t understand is the “opens the door a few feet”. If it doesn’t see the QR code, it should open the door fully if it starts out closed. Anyway, try recalibrating the QR code and see if that helps.

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Installed my Garage Door Controller (had issues with the USB-C connectors, but that’s another issue)…

So, got it calibrated, and all was well.

Then… I created a rule to Close the Garage door at 7:40am (in case I leave it open after leaving for work)

I got a call from my wife ‘freaking out’ a little, as she thought someone had opened the garage and entered. (I had been gone to work for 30+ minutes at this point.)

Wife freaked out, because prior to the GDC joining my multitudes of other Wyze products, I installed a Wyze Entry Sensor V2 to sense when the door was open, and when it was closed.

When it is open, Alexa says: “Garage Door Open”, and likewise for “Garage Door Closed

Turns out the Rule that I created to Shut the door at 7:40am results in the Garage door FULLY opening (for 20 seconds)

Actually it is in a NON CLOSED position for a total of 44 Seconds.

I would not of been aware of this, if the previous rules where not setup to have Alexa say “Garage Door is Open” & “Garage Door is Closed” with my wife at home to hear it.

I’ve deleted this rule, as I don’t see why the door would need to OPEN, to CLOSE, when it is already CLOSED.

My expectation was for the AI to recognize the door was CLOSED, and leave it alone. And if it was in ANY condition other than CLOSED, then CLOSE it.

I’d of used my Wyze V3 Cam footage to show what happened, but the four Wyze Cams in the Garage recorded 12 seconds each as all four Wyze Cams were included in the Sensor Video Settings to "Record a video clip when the contact sensor opened. (the camera’s have all been removed from that ‘feature’ that limits them to 12 second recordings)

So, here’s the video from an Amcrest IP2M-841W-V3 camera:

I would think that Wyze might want to revisit the logic on this Rule and prevent it from opening like this, when one wants to simply close the door IF it is Open



Has this changed? I just purchased the controller. And I can’t even find where to set up the “close at a specific time.”

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Close at a specific time Rule below. I suspect @nixhome2020’s issue was the camera was too far back in the garage to read the bar code (which tells the system whether the door is opened or closed), but I’ll let them chime in on that.

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Thank you.

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I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve recalibrated, I’ve made a larger QR code for door, and I leave a light on so code is easily seen. I give up. Waiting for some kind of update.

My Camera was mounted under the garage door motor/opener, so it was close enough

I think my issue occured because the camera was moved (by me) when I inserted a microSD card, and did not recalibrate.

The GDC, when out of calibration should have all funtionality disabled by the GDC when it falls out of calibration… but does it know its out of calibration?

Thus my actions caused the door to open, when it was closed already due to being out of calibration.

Thus, I do not use this feature anymore, as I don’t trust it not to go out of calibration on it’s own.


My camera is 14 feet from door. I even enlarged the QR code. Then recalibrated. Still same result

Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors as this was written via IPhone