DO NOT USE the "Close the Garage Door Rule or Shortcut" until you understand that it might OPEN, then CLOSE the garage door

Thank you! Disappointing but very interesting.

I also have a smartthing Samsung inclination sensor that gives a reliable reading if open or close status. I wish I could link it into the wyze conditional rules but alas, no.

Thanks again

Yep, same problem here, the door should ‘never’ open when instructed to close.


Hmmm. Last time I tried using mine, I would wake up to an open garage door. If the door was closed at the scheduled time, it would open and stay open. If it was open, it would shut like it’s supposed to. I never could get it to leave it closed if it were already closed and also close it at the specified time when it was open.

Maybe I should try it again? I don’t leave my garage open often but it’d be nice to have a backup plan to shut it in the rare instance that I do leave it open.

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Well, this thread is super disappointing and very concerning. The reason I purchased/installed the GDC was to keep the dogs from escaping an open garage door. The idea was to set up a rule ‘if open more than x min, then close’. Now, if the GDC can’t reliably determine if the door is open or closed, then how can this work? If the QR calibration drifts or vibration from the garage door opener jiggles the camera a bit, then the GDC might OPEN a closed garage door. Totally unacceptable. There needs to be a more robust detection approach - or a ‘2 factor’ rule (adding a sensor or…something…to minimize the false detections that could lead to disaster (for me)). I may unpower the GDC and leave the camera running so I can manually check on the status of the door. Which defeats the entire purpose…


Fully agree. Very disappointing and by the time I realized the flaws I was outside of the return date. There are competitors that have better products and they let you grant “guest” permissions so a friend/neighbor a let your dogs out or such (hint hints wyze on what I wish you would also do).

For those who want a larger QRcode poster, but would rather just print it on their home printer, this tool will turn a PDF into letter-sized segments. Tape them together, and they make a larger version of any image.


Just got my GDC a month or so go and am frustrated and concerned that this happens. I have a rule to close late in the evening, as do many of you.

I was alarmed that it didn’t simply recognize that the door was closed and not execute the action defined in the rule. It opened for 30 seconds and closed.

This is a severe functionality flow and a security one as well.

I wouldn’t comment, but this is a major blame for the Wyze developers to know about this and NOT correct it after so long.

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I had the same thing happen to me today. I had a rule set to close the garage door at a specific time everyday. Today while the door was already closed it just opened at that time even though the door was shut. I freaked out and had the garage door clicker near buy and clicked it to close it before it fully opened just to have the door automatically open again on its own just seconds after I had closed it.

After reading the comments I believe my camera which is mounded to the under side of my garage door motor being held on by the magnets in with Wyze camera. The camera vibrates a bit when the door is opening or closing. I suspect this vibration over time moves the camera till it is out of calibration.

I think the Wyze software team need to have some code that if the QR Code is at all visible not to close the door but if it detects the QR Code is not in its calibrated spot to make text appear on the app over the cameras image requesting the owner re-calibrate the QR Code again.

Here is my idea for solving this problem. Instead of sticking the QR Code completely to garage door mount the QR Code on a rigid piece of plastic and run a piece of tap along the top edge to act as a hinge. As the door opens the QR Code will still be visible as the hinge bends. The QR code will then come closer and closer to the camera and appear larger. Then the Wyze programming code would be if the QR Code appears small the door is closed. If the QR Code is large then the door is open. This means even if the camera moves a bit over time from vibration the relative QR Code size difference will still be the same. The calibration will be the size differential.

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I was just editing my post because I saw some typos I wanted to fix but now I can’t find my original post at all. I will try to be brief if in case it pops up.

I had the same thing happen. Set a rule to close the garage door at a certain time everyday. That time came around and even though the door was already closed it opened and then closed. I believe the camera over time moved because of vibrations of the garage door motor when the door opens and closes. I have the camera mounded using the magnetic bottom of the camera to the bottom of my garage door opener. I think the Wyze software team need to add a condition that if the QR code is visible at all not to send a signal when the rule to close it is triggered. It should send a message or display text over the camera video feed saying the camera is out of alignment and to re-calibrate it.

Here is my solution to this problem. Mount the QR code to a piece of rigid plastic. Tape the plastic to the garage door by running a piece of tape along the top edge which will act as a hinge. When the door is shut the QR code will appear small in the camera. When the door is open the hinge will let the weight of the plastic bend the hing keeping the QR code visible even when the door is fully open but because now the QR code is closer to the camera it will appear much much larger. The Wyze programming code should be when the QR code is small the door is closed. When the QR code is large it the door is open. You would still need to calibrate it once to set the size differential but it wouldn’t matter anymore if the camera moves around a bit. It just need to see the QR code and determine its size if it is small or large. It doesn’t even have to be that accurate as the difference between small and large will be huge.

Sounds like a good work around and great if it works for you. Probably the better approach is to have Wyze support act on this simple request and actually update their environment.

Way too often there are bugs and almost zero firmware updates. I have a slew of their products that haven’t had a firmware update in a long long time.


@1979GDO looks like you double posted :cowboy_hat_face:

The wyze garage cam is completely buggy. I’ve just recalibrated it for the 100th time. Not only does the Auto close create a security hazard by opening the garage first before closing, the warning beeps also don’t work once the calibration is lost when manually closing the garage. It’s just a hot mess.
I noticed the cam will move maybe less than a centimeter due to the vibration of the garage door lift motor over time, the cam is magnetically attached to the bottom of the garage door controller. The tiniest movement instantly loses the calibration, and will never find the QR code again until you manually recalibrate it, again, again, and again.