Different Alert Sound for Wyze Notifications

I don’t mean to be a downer, but my guess is “Never”.
This lack of responsiveness has soured my perception of the entire WYZE franchise. I’ve spent a lot of money with them, but that has now ended. Darn it.


2018 till now. Sheesh.


I’m with you. This is completely ridiculous. COME ON WYZE…

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Optimize rings for people that are hard of hearing

My Dad is terribly deaf. I tried all rings and all of them are at the higher pitch of noises. The only one he could hear is the intruder alert. You should add more sounds optimized for people who are hard of hearing and possible allow the volume to be even louder.

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Not sure what has happened since this post of Feb 2021, but I would like to see this become real.

BuzzKill and MacDroid definitely sound sound interesting for Android devices, but really need this for iOS devices as well.

“Ring” cams allow separate tones for each individual camera on iOS, and it sure doesn’t take long to get REAL FREAKING FOND of this feature!

C’mon Wyze!


Your message is not clear. In the “For Example” section you state that the WYZE doorbell will make a different sound than other notifications. Is this other notifications from other Apps? Or are you saying from different WYZE notifications. For every unique text alert, (person seen on Front Doorbell Cam), the user should be able to select a ringtone (any installed on the phone) as a unique alarm sound. So, I could set a ringtone downloaded from Zedge to be the Jetsons doorbell for my front door, and I could set a Star Trek doorbell sound for my back door doorbell. For a single doorbell I should be able to select a different alert sound for 1) motion detected, 2) person detected, 3) package detected, 4) pet detected, 5) button pushed. Also one of the alert sounds could be “None”.

You can already, within Android, cause an alert from the WYZE app to cause a different sound from all other apps.

I’ve given up on WYZE ever making their Doorbell actually useful by allowing the user to set sounds for each doorbell and for each event detected by a doorbell. It has been YEARS that users have been asking for this MUST HAVE feature. Instead of making your existing products really useful, you are jumping ahead to try to bring out some new creation. WYZE is a company with extremely bad ADD/ADHD. You can’t seem to stay focused on finishing the development of one product before jumping off down another new product path. So, you have lots of half finished products that kind-of do part of a function, instead of fewer product that are truly robust, finished, and valuable to own.


@MillBilltheWise, not sure which post\who you were replying to above, but since you have Android I will assume it was either me or @towelkingdom for our MacroDroid posts or @regnatarajan for BuzzKill.

I don’t use BuzzKill, so I will only refer to MacroDroid although I believe they are quite similar in their capabilities.

Yes. Both. MacroDroid watches all incoming notification channels. It watches them for specific words within the specific notification channels that you program.

Your Android OS can change the notification tone for the “WyzeMessage” channel. But this is for ALL Wyze notifications. You can leave this tone on if you like or set it to none. Beyond being able to set one tone for all Wyze notifications like your OS, MacroDroid has the additional ability to add a special tone for every individual device and every type of notification. I tell MacroDroid to watch notifications for key words and play a tone if they present.

For example, here are 3 of my many cams:

Watch for “Front Cam” then play “Triangle Ding” AND watch for “Person” then play “Whistle”, or “Vehicle” then play “Car Horn”, or “Package” then play “Jingle”, or “Pet” then play “Cat Meow”.

Watch for “Doorbell” then play “Ding Dong” AND (same as above for all Smart AI Detections).

Watch for “Back Door” then play “Buzzer” AND (same as above for all Smart AI Detections).

When a person walks in front of my Doorbell I will hear 3 consecutive tones: (1) my OS set Wyze Notification Tone, (2) “Ding Dong” telling me it is the doorbell, and (3) “Whistle” telling me it is a person.

If I hear Wyze tone, Buzzer, Cat Meow; I know that there is an animal at the back door.

Wyze Tone, Triangle Bell, Car Horn = someone just pulled into the driveway.

This is not limited to cams. Every one of my Wyze devices capable of sending a push notification (sensors, thermostat, HMS, etc.) has its own tone. Every type of notification (Alert, Alarm, Sound, Automation, Open, Close, High, Low, On, Off, etc.) also has its own tone.

As it applies to Wyze, MacroDroid can play a special tone for: (1) App, (2) Device, (3) Notification Type. You can program it to just about any combination you can imagine for as many tones as you can download based on the text of the push notification sent.

To kick this up two notches, MacroDroid can be used on any app you have and can automate just about any function on your Android. What I have described is only about 1% of what MacroDroid can do.

And, for those who may think this is an advertisement, it isn’t. I paid for the full version because it is just that darn good. Best $5 I ever spent on any app!


Yes. :point_up:


That’s a great write-up! Macrodroid is definitely the best money I’ve spent on a utility app.

Oh and I’d like to add they have a user forum, also, and the Dev is quite active and they have a lot of people active in assisting others like we have here in the wyze forums.


@SlabSlayer and @MillBilltheWise This is awesome. I have been using MacDriod for a long time, and I just recently upgraded to a Google Pixel 6. I have all my Wyze 3 Cams notifications set to silent. However, I also have it set to show the notifications on the screen when the device is on and in sleep mode. I have too many cars going through my street, and this is why I disabled the sounds on my Android phone.

Recently, within the Wyze app, I managed to create a rule for my front cam to auto-record and upload to the cloud when a person is detected. I also set it for the Wyze camera to set an alarm. However, my camera is inside my house office, and that drove me nuts.

On my phone, I’d like to learn how to use MacDROID if a person is detected in order for a notification sound to be played and the notification to appear on my screen. Can you be so kind as to share your MacDriod setting template or images, please?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I currently have 55 macros running for cams, HMS, thermostat, sensors, vacuum, phone status, emails, texts, etc. Far too many to share and many w\ personal info.

That we can do. Since it is really long, I have condensed it under the following summary for those who aren’t interested.

Click Here to Read the Full Details

The trigger for any Wyze AI notification is going to be the Push Notification that gets sent to your phone by the Wyze Server when it tags a video with that AI. You must have Event Recording and Notifications for that AI, as well as global app notifications, enabled for it to work. MacroDroid monitors your phone, not the Wyze Server or your cam. The cam and the Wyze Server have to do their job.

Any MacroDroid macro is going to be monitoring the WyzeMessage Notification Channel for incoming Push Notifications matching the specific criteria you set:

Trigger: Device Events, Notification, Notification Received, Select Application… Check the Wyze app, included, and click OK.

NOTE: If you are a Beta Tester, the WyzeBeta apps are different apps and use their own notification channels. They need their own macros.

Select “Contains” and then type “Person Detected on [name of cam]” for my example my cam is named “Test Cam” within the Wyze app.

The name of the cam is very important and must be exactly the same as what it is in Wyze and what it says in the Push Notification from Wyze:

Click OK. The trigger is set.

The actions can produce an almost infinite number of types of notifications with custom notification sounds, actions, and interactions. There are HUNDREDS of action possibilities to explore in the MacroDroid selection library. My test macro includes only a few that I have used in some of my macros:

NOTE: MacroDroid supports Emoticons and Emojis. Use them at will!

Notification - Display Notification: Display Notification looks the same as the Wyze Push Notification but you can customize it. You can set the icon color and background. I also have another Macro called Launch Wyze that I add to the bottom as an action button that will appear in the notification and will execute if I open the notification:

Notification → Display Dialog: Display Dialog comes with its own custom sound capability and will also play that sound when it appears. Display Dialog appears as the white box in the middle of the screen.

MacroDroid Specific → Floating Text: Floating Text creates a dialog card somewhere on the screen where you designate. It can be colored and have colored text. It is persistent until it is drug to the trash at the bottom center of the screen:

Notification → Popup Message: Popup Message produces a floating temporary toast message at the bottom of the screen:

Media → Play Sound: Play Sound is where you set all your custom notification tones so that you have a custom sound when the Wyze Message comes in. I use a buzzer to designate my Test Cam and a Whistle to designate a Person, horn for a Vehicle, cat for a Pet, etc:

NOTE: clicking “Block Next Action Until Complete” will prevent multiple tunes and tones from walking in each other.

This is what the macro will look like without any constraints:

And this is what results:


@SlabSlayer YOU TOTALLY ROCK! Thank you.


Glad I could help. I see from the video you were able to get the secondary Launch macro configured and linked into your notification macro as well so that your notification press and the notification button dialog would launch the Wyze app.

I continue to be amazed at how many options MacroDroid brings to the table.


@SlabSlayer I think I am on a mission. where you setup a macro to launch Wyze instead of selecting the actual app name from applications. I selected “Enter package” and added com.hualai, and I was able to test the macro. I received the sound notification, the app opened, and I was able to see all my CAMS.

This is great; now I am trying to figure out, out of my three cameras, how to open the one that picked up the Person or motion.

For example, my camera in the front is called “Front Yard.” I downloaded an Android app called Apk Analyzer; there are a few others out there. I searched for Wyze in this app, and I can see all the com. names. Have you tried getting MacDriod to open the camera where the alert was triggered? If we can find the package name, we will be set.


I don’t use the package name or even open the app when an alert comes in for my cams. All my macros for each cam and AI type are audio only (2 tones: one for type of AI, one for Cam ID). I drive and do service work all day so I don’t have the option to look at my phone when the message comes in. I have it notify into my BT headset where it also reads all my notifications to me so I can make the decision if I need to look right away.

However, this may be easier than what you are trying to do.

Even though you have an Action programmed in there to open the App via the package name rather than by selecting the app from the list (which is also using the package name), you don’t need it when a notification of movement, person, vehicle comes in.

Right after your play media action, add an action from Notification - Notification Interaction. Select the Wyze App, and select Contains. Put the exact same text string in as you used for the Trigger. At the bottom, leave the default Action to Perform as “Click Content”.

Wyze notifications are already click hotlinked back to the app AND the Event Video that pushed the notification. All you need to do is to tell the macro to click the notification for you. The Wyze app will launch and go directly to the video and start playing it.

Note… This is provided that your phone home screen is already opened. If you have a phone that will only wake the screen on command rather than on an incoming message (like I have mine set), you will need to add a screen on action. If you have a PIN password or, much more complicated, a gesture password, you will need to either program actions to unlock your phone or, like I do, have the macro run a sub-macro for my screen unlock PIN. The screen unlock PIN can be both password protected and excluded from logging.


OR… Let’s get Wyze to take action on my WishList that sends an email for Triggers!!! I get way too many notifications about people, but my Trigger only fires on specific events during specific time ranges. Much more reliable. AND, by the time I open the Wyze app, go to Account, go to Rules, Open History, note the time and camera, then open Events, drill down to the camera and the time, then play the video… guess what… it’s WAY TOO LATE. How can Wyze claim to have a Whole Home Security Solution??? They still falsely identify shadows as Persons.
I also show that this WishList topic is solved…wonder when they plan to release it?

I’m confused. That was a bit hard to follow.

We are discussing MacroDroid Triggers and Actions based on Push Notifications received. Emails are so slow that they wouldn’t arrive until far too late.

So you are using MacoDroid Macros to filter which events you are notified of and sending an email as an action?

Which is why the push notifications of those very events are the quickest way to link directly into that video. Many times when I click on an incoming event it goes to live view because the event is still ongoing.

If the cams are tuned properly and the DZ used to block out objects returning false positives, the rate of false notifications goes down drastically.


That’s just the way the Discourse Forum software works. They linked the original post to the announcement post that says this is in-development, but the thread isn’t “solved” in the sense of the wishlist item being “Launched” When it is, this thread will be updated from the #in-development tag to instead have the #launched tag, and that’s when it is actually officially “Solved”…it’s just that this is the way the Forum software works if you want to link people to the latest announcement.

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@SlabSlayer: So you are using MacoDroid Macros to filter which events you are notified of and sending an email as an action?

No, I do not have MacoDroid
The Rules unfortunately don’t send emails. I have a Rule that applies to all 5 of my outside V3’s: Sound Siren on each of the 5 V3’s between 11pm and 7am when PERSON is detected.
If Rules could send an email when the Rule is activated in the middle of the night, the Phone on my bedstand would Ring.
I also have another WishList for Rules to play recordings directly from the email, same as Notification emails.
I also have another WishList to be able to activate my Chime box I have for my DoorBell camera.
I had added to THIS WishList topic to have Siren Ringtone(s) added.
I also have another WishList for a selectable ringtone can be assigned that can be played ( in a RULE). The Chime is 20X louder than my smart phone can ring so it would ensure I was awaken.

I had all of this in single WishList so it made sense as a complete feature, but they insisted I had to bust them all into separate WishList items, which probably means ALL of these WishLists will never get done, therefore, I will never see the Home Security Solution that I envisioned come to frution.

@carverofchoice , Thank you for the clarification!!!


This is fantastic! I got it to work. When a person is detected in the front yard, the appropriate camera opens.

I am still tinkering around with how to get my display to wake up to show the camera alert. I have my lock screen set to not prompt me to use a pin or swipe. However, when I put my Pixel 6 phone to sleep and then unlock it, I have to press the lock to unlock it. But other than that, it works perfectly.

I cannot believe that we have to use a third-party app to get it to work like this.

Again, thanks for sharing.


At the beginning of the macro use a Screen → Screen On action followed by a short pause then a Device Action → UI Interaction action. Program it to Click, Identify in app. Then pull up the lock screen, use the MacroDroid learn notification, click the unlock button and MacroDroid will automatically learn what and where to click to unlock your phone by itself.

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