Detection Zones Settings not saving

Took them long enough! This could have completely been avoided had they tested the upgrade prior to releasing it.

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Is the issue resolved :thinking:

So far, everyone seems to report that it does.

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Fantastic. :+1:

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Issue appears to be resolved in the latest firmware update.


Unfortunately this issue is now affecting the new Wyze DoorBell v2. Please keep us posted on a fix.

I totally agree! NO ONE from Tech ever responds to any major problem, evidenced by alll these complaints on COMMUNITY FORUM.

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Yep, same for me and my DoorBell V2!
Also forgets my chime setting.

DETECTION ZONES NOT SAVING: solution- DELETE each Cam not saving, & simply RECONNECT each 1 to your WIFI , then if you had LEGACY PERSON detection, RESET to " CAM LITE , EDIT PRICE, then switch on in your NOTIFICATIONS setting, turn on all.