Connection issue - with a twist

Same here when I cancelled it.

Has there been any update? I dont have any of my newer v3’s plugged in so i wouldn’t be able to tell if they fixed the issue yet or not

No change here as of yet…
Any new V3’s I connected since the end of May will still not connect to Cam Plus for live stream plus all my V3 cameras no longer limit their event recording to Smart Detection events so as such end up recording any type of motion including small shadows etc. My BCP’s do however manage to maintain Smart Detection as advertised.

I have this issue too! I tried so many many things over several weeks before I finally asked google. This is frustrating and annoying. I assumed since all my other v3 cams worked, it must be a problem on my end. (I was not only resetting the camera, and reinstalling the camera, I was also messing with and resetting my router!) Although I don’t have a fix, at least I can stop trying for now. I sure hope they find and fix the problem. (What could be different from the older v3 vs the newer v3?)

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i dont think its about the camera, i think its more if they were registered before changes were made to the cam plus or not

Just submitted for my three Wyze cameras bought on Amazon UK


It has been a month now since I tried to add new V3 Cameras to my Cam Plus Unlimited account. They show up, but will not connect for Live View on the web. If Wyze cannot fix the issue for these cameras and the problem is limited to the V3 cameras, perhaps they should allow us to exchange them for a different model ? I would like to see some feedback from Wyze on this issue. I uploaded logs, shared info with Support, and did all sorts of troubleshooting at this end all to no avail. What’s up ???

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I cant imagine they would ever do this, but that would be a good idea. I would gladly trade in my v3’s for a small discount on the v4’s. But since I am still getting emails advertising sales on the v3’s, I can’t imagine wyze cares.

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Can any other users provide some info on whether this issue is limited to the registration of V3 Cameras to Cam Plus ? Or - Are other models affected as well ???

There were members with new V4 cams having the same issue.

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Thanks Antonius… This thread has become so mixed up with so many others I lost track… Much appreciated :slight_smile: Keeps me from purchasing a V4 to test the theory !!!

My V4 works just fine but I already had Cam Plus Unlimited prior to it becoming Cam Unlimited. My V4 was activated 3/29/24.

My cameras, the original version, were recording, but I couldn’t see live feed.

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Any updates with this issue? I am currently having this problem any work arounds?