Trouble connecting to cams

I have two cam, a regular Wyze cam and a pan/tilt. Only had them for about a week. On my phone I usually have no problem connecting to the cam, occasionally though it will give me a 27 error code and after I retry a couple times it work. My wife’s phone she can almost never connect. It took me 10 tries to get one cam to connect with it giving the 27 error code. We both have iphones running the same iOS so I’m not sure what the deal is. Anyone have similar problems?

At the top right of the Wyze website is the “Support” section. There are a lot of support articles there. A quick search on “connectivity” gave me this. Let us know if that has the answer for you, or not.

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I am experiencing similar issue. No issue signing on using my iPhone or my iPad Pro. But when I try connecting with either of my iPad minis, I am getting constant error code 27 message. All devices have latest SW loaded. Any other suggestions.

Hmmm, I just realized error code 27 is not defined in the table listed in the connectivity troubleshooting support section. Can you please generate feedback and include logs on the devices you are experiencing the issue on? After you send that in, you should receive a support ticket number in your email. Please post that number on this thread so we can try to get dev eyes on it.

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After about 20+ attempted tries, finally was able to connect. Not sure why it was so hard on my iPad Minis, but finally in.