Connection issue - with a twist

Posting this in this topic even though I posted in the Cam Plus Unlimited topic just a moment ago. Since the problem could be tied to either the camera or the service I thought I should place it in both feeds… My Cam Plus Unlimited plan got renewed so I thought I would try to reset my new V3 camera that would not provide live feeds on the web. (note: my other V3’s continue to show the live feed) Unfortunately this new attempt at resetting the camera did not correct the issue with new cameras properly providing the services that Cam Plus Ultimate is supposed to give us. It all started near the end of May on any new V3 camera I have tried to add.

Yes, it’s clear from what people are saying in this thread that there is a problem with adding cameras to a Cam Plus Unlimited plan - we get no live feed on the portal.

Wyze seem to be ignoring it so I’m now considering launching some short-form videos on YT and elsewhere highlighting this issue.

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@WyzeJasonJ sorry to bother. by chance do you know if anyone at wyze is aware of this issue with adding new v3 cams?

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Yes, Wyze is aware. At least one of the posters in here have been in discussion about it with them.

The more the better of course :slight_smile:

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Yes - I worked with support, did everything they suggested (and then some) and uploaded data from the app as well… So - they should definitely have what they need in addition to all the info from this forum…