Change sprinkler controller wifi

Do I seriously have to go through the whole setup process (including mounting) to change wifi networks?

The good news is that Wyze is working on making it possible to switch networks for their devices without having to go through setup every time.

For now, I haven’t specifically tried to do it for my sprinkler controller, but for most Wyze devices, as long as you don’t delete them from the app first, they will usually save most of your schedules and settings when you complete basic setup again. So you shouldn’t have to do everything again, but it is still a big hassle and most people choose to avoid changing their network and if they buy a new router they will tell the new router to use the same SSID and password that the previous router was setup with, or else create a separate virtual network or guest network to keep broadcasting the old one in addition to any new one.

Sadly, if the change is needed for security reasons, we do have to go through setup to change the network for now. Hopefully Wyze will update this process soon. Vote on this wishlist item and join the conversation here:

The wishlist is already in progress, but it can’t hurt to continue to add support to it.

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