WIFI Change Sprinkler

Does anyone know how to change the WIFI setting for the Sprinkler controller?


I believe you have to go through set up again as if you are seeing it up from scratch. In the app, on the home screen, select the plus sign as though you are setting up a new device. Select “Add Device” and then the sprinkler controller and follow the instructions for setup.

Most devices will keep all their settings as long as you don’t delete them first, so hopefully it doesn’t make you redo your schedules, etc. Most of the settings should be saved and stay the same. At least they stay the same for most other devices. I assume the Sprinkler Controller works the same in keeping most settings, but check it afterwards just to make sure everything is still in order and that nothing else reset.

Seems like there should be an option to change wifi info through the app without having to go thru setup again. As a security concious user i change wifi info frequently. Then i have to go thru SETUP on half a dozen cameras, vacuums, sprinklers, etc. etc… PITA!,