Sprinkler wifi

Wyze sprinkler keeps dropping wireless. I have a cam v2 sitting right next to it that never drops off. Signal levels are 50 db. Anyone else have to reboot it to get it to reconnect every 2 days?

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So I had my sprinkler refusing to connect to my WiFi after I rebooted my router - I think the issue was that it got confused by having both a 2.4Ghz and a 5Ghz network with the same name being available. After multiple reboots not working I finally just turned off my 5Ghz network and rebooted and it connected straight away. Seems kinda stupid that the Sprinkler gets confused by this but my cameras, bulbs and sensors don’t - Wyze you need to make this more resilient.

My issue seems to be related. my phone was on 5 even though I was picking 2.4 it was failing.

I put the naming and wifi issues in the thread about their wifi survey. They definitely need to work on stability.

I’ve the same issue, not even 2 days, in the same day I’ve to unplug and plug it so it connects to the wifi, wifi signal is good and I only have 5G wifi

I ended up doing a factory reset on the controller and since then it’s been solid. There must have been something in one of the firmware updates.

What is the solution for this fix?

I did a factory rest as well, and this is what the support recommended , it has been 3 days now and it seems ok. will have to wait and see if that actually solves the problem

I’ve been in touch with the support team and it doesn’t seems to be a wifi problem, the sprinkler is connected to wifi but it doesn’t connect to wyze servers and this is where the problem is. they looked into the logs and couldn’t really figure out what was exactly wrong, so they asked for hard rest to see if that would solve the problem

Also make sure to have your app updated to the latest version

I also been trying to do a Sprinkler version update, 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 each time (update failed)?