Sprinkler Won't Reconnect to new Router

I recently installed a new router. For some reason the Sprinkler does not find the new router nor is there any information available as to how I can eliminate the original router and allow it to find the new one. I’m beginning to think I have to deactivate it from the system and reinstall it. Any thoughts?

I wouldn’t deactivate it. I would personally just leave it existing as it is, then click on add a new device and go through set up as if it is new (without having deleted it first), then when you are done setting it up again, it MIGHT keep all the same settings and everything.

I have had to do this for several other devices and usually it keeps all my settings and rules and everything the same after setup is complete, but now it is on the new WiFi. It saves me a lot of time doing it this way most of the time.

To be clear though, I don’t think I’ve ever tried this technique with the sprinkler controller, but most of Wyze’s other devices I’ve done this with have kept all their settings and such when I do this, so I am thinking that is a good thing to try and hope it is just as simple.


What did you do to get it to work?

It really shouldn’t be this difficult. WYZE should just have a setting to change the WiFi you connect to and/or the username/password to access either an existing wifi or a new one. This is the only company that has it so backwards that I’ve encountered.

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I had the same exact thing happen to me when I installed a new router. I went nuts! Best thing to do is to uninstall the Sprinkler from WYZE, then reinstall it.

Wyze sprinkler doesn’t remember settings when you add a new Wi-Fi. Stupid stupid stupid. I had to reset and create new settings.

Any plans on update to the Sprinkler formware? turned it on just now and see there is nothing available. The web interface could use some attention.